Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

My child wanted to have a dog for several years, but it’s all about finances, it’s a lot of work, picking up, I don’t know, teaching, training, etc. We thought, well, he is a baby, everyone wants it at that age, but the older he got, the more we saw that he didn’t just want to, he really wanted to keep a dog, not just to play with it, but to raise it.

We decided to make a gift for his birthday, he didn’t expect it, he started crying from happiness, he said thank you so much. In the end, that dog stayed in our house for a month and I can’t tell you what he did during this month, he completely destroyed my house. We thought we should take it back, because I couldn’t make it, it was really unmanageable.

But yesterday the dog came and grabbed the hem of my pants with his mouth and pulled me. I thought it was playing but then I understood that it wanted to tell me something. I followed the puppy and found out that my son fell in the corridor and couldn’t get up. I call 911, and thanks to god my son is well now. After that day, this dog became family member for us and stayed with us.