Sat. May 18th, 2024

It has probably been more than ten years since we changed our city. Let me tell you that before we left, my son brought a lovely dog, at that time the dog was very small, I would say it was just born. We kept the dog for a couple of years, then when we were going, we left the dog at home thinking that he would find another living place for him.

I always kept in touch with one of my neighbours. Every day she told that the dog did not go anywhere. My son had tears in his eyes he loved the dog very much, they grew up together, it’s a memory of his childhood. He even contacted one of the neighbours and sent money to buy food for our dog.

A few months after leaving our hometown, one of our relatives died, and we came to mourn our relatives and participate in all the ceremonies. We didn’t manage to sell the house at that time, so we went to stay there. When we went home, the dog’s barking was already coming. You can’t imagine how he ran and hugged my son, he put his paws on his shoulders and his face was shining. Can you imagine what kind of loyalty it has, after all that months had passed.

After this we decided to take our dog with us, and now he is living with us.