Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

I thought that I raised a child, educated him, sent him to school normally, but I didn’t know what was happening there.

It was already several times, my 9th grader came home terribly sad, depressed, I thought he was hiding something, but he did’nt tell me. I talked to him several times, but he didn’t tell me anything. And I don’t have a husband who could speak with him to know what the problem was.

Yesterday when he came home, his clothes were torn, there was no normal place on his face. My heart stopped seeing my child like that. I told him if he did’nt tell me what had happened, I would call the school and talk to the principal. He was forced to tell, but I would wish not to know what had happened. After finding out, I can’t find my place, my heart is already pounding.

It turns out that the school boys are harassing my child and he can’t defend himself. Yesterday they also said bad things about his father, he got angry and hit one of them. They called him to the back of the school, and they beat my poor child very badly. Now I don’t know what to do, should I remove my child from school or call the principal and talk to the administration. This situation is already becoming unmanageable, I cannot leave my child in this situation. Tomorrow I will go to school, I will put everyone their place.