Thu. May 30th, 2024

Bluu was waiting for a miracle when a Good Samaritan spotted her on a rural Kentucky road. After being abandoned alongside a bag of food, the blue nose pit bull sat loyally in the same spot hoping that her family would return — but a twist of fate was in store for her.

As soon as the Good Samaritan laid eyes on Bluu, they knew they couldn’t leave her waiting any longer. They carefully approached the sweet pup, gave her a loving head rub, then called a local animal shelter for help.

The local shelter stepped in right away and safely rescued Bluu from the side of the road. They gave her the medical care she needed, and once she was ready to go into foster care, they contacted their shelter partner in New York City.

Muddy Paws Rescue NYC happily took Bluu into their care and immediately started looking for a perfect foster match for the pup.

“Once she arrived in NY, Bluu was paired with a first-time foster, David, who was smitten with her and her gentle soul instantly,” Muddy Paws Rescue wrote in a blog post.

You can watch Bluu’s transformation here:


It’s hard to believe Bluu was found abandoned on the side of the road just a few weeks ago. This 6-month old girl has been nothing but trusting, playful, and sweet in foster care, & now it’s time to close out this hard chapter in her life and find her forever home! Tag someone who’s looking for a girl like Bluu 👇 #rescue #rescuedog #adoptdontshop #storytime

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Bluu acclimated to her new life right away — learning how to go up and down the stairs and taking blissful afternoon naps. As the days went on, Bluu’s personality blossomed, and everyone who met her fell instantly in love.

“It was clear to everyone that Bluu was something special,” Muddy Paws wrote.

The resilient pup was finally safe and happy, but her foster home was only temporary — she was still on the hunt for a forever family.

One day, a woman who’d previously adopted a dog from the NYC-based rescue decided that her pup, Oreo, needed a sibling. She went back to Muddy Paws’ website to look at available adoptees and couldn’t scroll past Bluu.

“Nafitha saw Bluu on our Muddy Paws site and knew she’d be a great fit,” Muddy Paws wrote. “She came to our adoption event in Central Park, and the rest is history.”

Since being adopted by Nafitha, Bluu’s fallen even more in love with her mom, her brothers — both human and canine — and her new life.

“Nafitha says, ‘Bluu is a silly girl, but super sweet and protective. My son and her are practically attached at the hip,’” Muddy Paws wrote.

Bluu overcame some devastating obstacles in her short life, but seeing her playful spirit, you’d never know it. Even though she’s had a rough past, the resilient pup isn’t sad – she’s overjoyed with her new life.

“We don’t know what circumstances led to Bluu ending up there, but we’re so happy that she forgot all about her past when she made it to us,” Muddy Paws wrote.

Just as her rescuers had hoped, Bluu is finally living the life she deserves with a family who loves her. The pup’s days of surviving on a Kentucky road are far behind her, but her family will always remember the Good Samaritan who reached out a helping hand and changed her life forever.