Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

TikTok user She’s Regally Bold didn’t know a ton about spiders until she met Pickles. The little jumping spider loved crawling around on a doorway in her house, and eventually the pair became great friends. Pickles’ new mom started researching jumping spiders, and before long, she was hooked. Although Pickles has since passed on, there are now several jumping spiders carrying on his legacy — and getting spoiled by the best spider mom ever.

cute spider

Jumping spiders are very curious by nature, so She’s Regally Bold thought it would be fun to get some DIY kits to create adorable little spider rooms for them to hang out in. It might not seem like spiders would want to explore a mini café or a pink cat-themed room, but they actually love them so much, and watching them discover each section of the room is the sweetest thing.

“The first DYI miniature set I ever made was for Pickles, and it was a library — I still have it today and it’s one of the jumpers’ favorite places to explore,” She’s Regally Bold told The Dodo. “That library, and Pickles, of course, started this entire adventure for me.”

cute spider

The spider who currently loves the worlds her mom creates is CutiePie. She has so much personality in her tiny body and gets excited for every new adventure she embarks on. A lot of people don’t think spiders are all that cute — but CutiePie definitely lives up to her name in a big way.

“She is the spider that I use to test out new enclosures and get a feel for how my spiders will react to them,” She’s Regally Bold said. “She seems to try out every inch of them and check out every accessory — even in the nooks and crannies! One of her favorite hobbies seems to be modeling for me, it’s as if she knows where the camera is and how to look at it. She’s a natural!”

cute spider

CutiePie loves exploring every single room and never seems to get bored of hanging out behind the counter or running across the little bridge. It’s as if she knows her mom made these cool spaces just for her.

Sometimes it seems like CutiePie has more of the personality of a dog than a spider, and her sweet nature is helping show the world that spiders really aren’t scary.

“CutiePie is very docile, super friendly, very curious, and loves to jump from finger to finger for fun,” She’s Regally Bold said. “Oftentimes when I’m live on TikTok, she will sit on my nose and take a nap, or sit on my hand while I water and feed the other Spoods. She genuinely acts as if she likes to spend time with me, and it warms my heart so much! She has so many fans on TikTok, and we even get people who say, ‘She is cute, and I never thought I’d say that about a spider!’ But she just has that effect on people.”

cute spider

Through her adorable spiders and their quirky homes, She’s Regally Bold is trying to show people that spiders are actually pretty wonderful — and with the way everyone seems to react to CutiePie and her precious little face, it definitely seems to be working.