Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

A 20-year-old woman was left shocked when she found out that she was pregnant while on birth control.

Violet Quick from Idaho was on birth control when she and her husband, John Francis, discovered she was expecting.

The couple tied the knot last year when they were both 19 and decided not to start a family right away. However, fate had other plans for them; today, they have become parents of a sweet child named Rudy.

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The couple welcomed their baby boy last week, and Quick uploaded a video on her TikTok that showed her infant gripping her IUD – intrauterine device in hand.

The video amassed more than 23 million views on the platform.

The new mom said that even the doctors and nurses were amazed to see Rudy clutching her IUD in his hand as they delivered him.

“When all the nurses come in to see a baby with his IUD,” she captioned her video.

Violet uploaded a series of videos on her TikTok account and shared that although she was on birth control, she took a pregnancy test because she felt nauseous for a few days.

“So I had my Skyla IUD for nine months before I got pregnant, and the reason that I decided to take a test was because I was feeling nauseous for about two weeks and I would just throw up every once in a while,” she said in one of her videos.

“I didn’t know what was going on and so I took a test and it was positive right away.”

The Idaho resident said she didn’t believe the test result and went on to take six more pregnancy tests.

“They were all positive,” she said. “I actually went to the ER and I was seven weeks pregnant.”

Violet, who has more than 6000 followers on her now-private TikTok account, advised her followers to immediately take a pregnancy test if they feel like experiencing pregnancy symptoms, whether they are on birth control or not.

“I would say if you are having any of those signs of pregnancy or if your period is late to take a test.”

“It’s better to know because there is a high risk of having ectopic pregnancies when you have an IUD, but they work for the most part, someone has to be the .01 percent and that’s me and my baby,” she told her followers.

An IUD (intrauterine device) is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy – in 99 out of 100 cases, women do not conceive. However, there is a one percent chance that you can become pregnant.

“In very rare cases, you can get pregnant while using an IUD because your IUD has been misplaced. If an IUD slips out of place the risk of falling pregnant increases. You can check the placement of IUD from the comfort of your home or go to your doctor’s office to receive an ultrasound,” quoted Daily Mail.