Thu. May 30th, 2024

This below is Blanco Brown.

And he has been blowing up the internet all over the U.S. of A with his song The Git Up. It’s a poppy country song with all the hat-tippin’, heel diggin’, guitar twangin’ you need to make you wanna hop on up and get on down.
Handsome police officer heats things up with latest dance challenge
But it’s not this song alone that has the internet shook…

…but by what Police Officers have been doing with it.

A recent internet trend has seen police officers across the country representing their departments by choreographing a dance to Blanco Brown’s hit country tune, filming it, and posting it online. There have been many departments participating in a number of settings, and with…let’s say varying levels of talent. Some however, are very talented indeed.

While some of the posted dance routines have featured two or more officers dancing, Officer White goes it alone. Not that he needs anyone to dance with him, boy’s got moves!

He does some of the classic moves you see in Brown’s music video, and in other police versions of the song including what I call the “Tippie Toes Out”, and the “Deputy Dip”.

See if you can spot them!

This officer clearly has, what’s the word the kids use? Oh yeah, SWAG! He’s got style to boot and he seems ever so confident on his feet. It seems like no sweat for this cop, and it’s clear that he probably could tear up a dance floor if given half the chance.

White does the whole dance in one take so you know he’s not cutting out any mistakes!
If White ever finds himself trying to talk a criminal down from a hostage situation, and the assailant demands that he will only let his victims go if he can defeat him in a dance-off, I think Officer White would have it.

This is without a doubt the rootin’est, tootn’est challenge the internet has to offer. It’s hard not to love the song too. It’s a great blend of country and pop sounds and it just makes you want to move!

Some of the comments on this video are pretty darn funny!

This guy clearly sees the funny side of this challenge and asks a question that a few of us may be thinking…

That’s a VERY good point! If I was his Chief I would have the same questions.
Some comments (most of them) however, seem to follow a slightly different theme. Rather than joking around about what Officer White is doing while on the clock, they tend to focus more on how to get into a pair of his cuffs.

So what do you think? Could you do better than Officer White, or any other Police Departments you’ve seen strut their stuff? Whether or not you’re a country music fan, you can’t deny that this song has the beat that makes you want to…Git Up!

Watch the full video below to enjoy Officer White’s swagger.
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