Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Babies may be fully dependent on their parents to take care of their needs but there’s no denying how incredibly smart and fast they are. The saying “babies don’t keep” rings true, that’s why moms and dads everywhere make sure they’re present for each milestone, celebrations, and the precious moments in between the sleepless nights and the long, tiring days. And because babies grow up way too fast, their brains are developing rapidly, too. It’s amazing how they discover things for themselves like unlocking skills that were never even introduced to them.

We’re not just referring to the crawling, babbling, and the dancing, either. These babies have somehow learned the concept of freedom: breaking out of their cribs and playpens to wander about. Note that most of the time, the escape plans are a success.

One minute, your little bub is sitting in his crib, just innocently playing with his toys and the next, he’s climbing over the rails and slipping slowly down until he lands on the floor.
Babies sure know how to keep grown-ups on their toes! It’s such a mystery how they learn the art of escaping but it sure is entertaining to watch! Fortunately, we live in a time where we can easily document babies’ antics in secret while keeping an eye on them.

These babies sure know how to act fast. In a matter of seconds, they’re able to step on pillows and other objects that give leverage, swing their legs over the top of the crib, and land with ease (or with very little struggle). What makes this funnier is the confidence they have while escaping, topped with the triumphant look on their faces when they realize their attempt was a successful one.

Escaping isn’t done by just climbing over cribs, either. These babies have learned to slide out from under, too!
Watching these babies escape swiftly will really make you wonder what they plan on doing once they’ve managed to climb out of cribs or slide out from under them.

Babies don’t always work alone, either.
It’s comical to see a sibling standing by, watching curiously as their brother or sister attempts to escape. Are they taking notes? Holding their breaths in anticipation? Waiting for mom and dad to bust in and catch their sibling in the act? We’ll never really know as babies’ minds seem to be wired differently and are quite advanced. These adorable onlookers will either be tattletales or accomplices in the near future, that’s for sure.

This compilation of escape tactics will undoubtedly make you question the efficacy of baby-proofing strategies because let’s be honest, the little ones just continue to find ways around them! Pretty impressive when you think about it. Do they formulate plans A to Z in their heads while playing, or do they get these lightbulb moments and immediately act on them to test the waters? If only babies came with thought bubbles and subtitles!

One of the babies caught on video even carefully studied each step in his plan! You’ll laugh when you see how he first looks around for objects to use and finally decides on a pillow which he proceeds to throw on the floor. What’s it for, you ask? A guaranteed soft landing, of course! How smart is that?!

Keeping an eye on a baby is a tough job. It’s more than just making sure they’re fed, clean, happy, and entertained. They know how to take advantage of each second you’re not looking, which really is proof that size isn’t a gauge of intellect and that they’re not to be underestimated at all.

Let this funny compilation of smart baby escape plans remind you of why you should really watch your little ones like a hawk!