Sat. May 18th, 2024

I loved my husband very much. We lived together all our lives and raised four children together. Well, imagine all the trials and tribulations we went through raising our children. We raised, educated, and married all of them. Eventually, we were left alone in our home.

It was during that period that my husband met the first love of his life and had an affair between them and I found out about everything. Even my husband and I talk about it and my husband tells me that it was just an attraction and a brief connection, that I am the only companion and friend in his life. I believe my husband.

I must point out that even during that period when he had a mistress, my husband was very attentive and caring to me and never stopped loving me.

Unfortunately, my husband was diagnosed with an incurable disease and passed away early in life.

I knew that he and his beloved were going to celebrate the beloved’s birthday together.

Knowing that this woman also played a role in my husband’s life, after his death I buy a bouquet of flowers for his mistress and go to her house to wish her a happy birthday.

When she sees me, she gets excited and thanks me.

I know my husband would definitely be pleased with what I did.