Sat. May 18th, 2024

I had a good opinion of my daughter-in-law, but then I understood that she was a selfish person. She thinks only about herself. Every day she left the house without saying a word to me, that’s why I spoke to her, and she decided that I was disturbing her. That’s why she wanted to take me to a nursing home. And she was openly talking about it every day.

When everything became more serious and I was already gathering my clothes, my son found out what was on his wife’s mind. He said, ”How brave are you to take my mother out of the house and take her to a nursing home, are you crazy?” At the end, he added that the only extra person in this house was she, not me.

After that my daughter-in-law collected her clothes and went to her father’s house. Now I can really say that my life was not in vain and I raised a normal son who respects his mother. Everything that I saw filled my heart, tears fell from my eyes, I realized that I had a real protector who would not leave me alone. I was holding my son and thinking how proud my husband would be.