Thu. May 30th, 2024

There was a time, when Kirsty was one of the most pretended actresses, often she was the partner of John Travolta. She was terrific, wise,gifted – she combined all the necessary qualities for working in the film industry.

She is known to us from the following movies “Summer school”, “Look Who’s Talking”, “Village of the Damned”. It seems that only yesterday families gathered in front of TVs to watch a film with her participation, but today this seventy-years-old woman not at all looks like the woman we knew.

Recently, new pictures of the star appeared on the network. The woman was caught in the lenses of a reporter on one of the streets of Hollywood. Fans were shocked by how the actress looks today.

“Time, what have you done with her?”, “How ugly she has become,” “It could have been better,” users of social network comment on the picture.

Loyal fans stood up for the actress and rebuffed the haters:“What did you want? She is seventy years old! “,” As good as before “,” Do not listen to anyone “,” Kirsty, you’re beautiful “.

Did you like this actress? What do you think about her today’s look?