Sat. May 18th, 2024

When my husband’s brother got married, I knew his wife well. But now she is very different. She acts like she’s a queen. They live in New York and decided to come visit us for 15 days.

But now my husband’s brothers wife is leading. They got very rich and she things she is very developed, and we who live her are left behind. Those who got rich behave like this.

She acts like we live very poor and she is a very rich woman who does what she wants.

Since they were guests for us I didn’t say anything to them, but when she started treating my child as if he had never eaten candy, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I told her to remember who she was when she was a girl, where she used to live, and what kind of meal she had every day, and tolls her that if they are rich now, it doesn’t mean they can behave like move stars. After that me and my husband kicked them out of the house and we had a big fight. We don’t talk to each other until now.