Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

I have to say that I got engaged in a very loving way, my fiancé and I loved each other very much. He is a very good boy, hardworking, educated and motivated. My parents liked it very much. His father passed away a long time ago when my mother-in-law was a young woman.

We got engaged, everything was fine. One day my fiancé said that his mother told him that she had a boyfriend and she wanted him to meet her son. At first he was upset by this fact, but then he accepted the fact that the mother also has the right to arrange her life.

We met this man, he left a very good impression. However, when my parents found out about it, my father told me very sharply to call off the wedding. My father puts a lot of importance on such matters and has a very old view of relationships.

No matter how many times I tried to explain to him that it was okay, he wouldn’t listen. In the end, I ran off with my fiancé. Now we are married, expecting a baby, my mother-in-law is also helping us. my father still resents me and does not talk to me.