Sun. May 26th, 2024

Soon it will be my 25th wedding anniversary. I wouldn’t say we got married for love. We were introduced to each other by our parents, and then we got married. We worked and built a house together. I had a son and I spent my life doing everything for him to have everything.

I was looking forward to my son’s wedding and. When we met my bride-to-be, I had a very good impression of her. I said she was like a daughter to me. We started getting ready to get engaged, I wanted everything to be perfect. But my husband did a surprise that day and embarrassed us in front of everyone.

My husband came into the restaurant with an unknown child of about 6 years old. He told me it was a friend’s child, they couldn’t make it, but the boy really wanted to come and my husband brought him.

During the ceremony, the child ran up to my husband screaming “daddy”. I was shocked.

It turned out that my husband’s relatives knew perfectly well who this child was the son of his mistress. We were all in shock. My future daughter-in-law’s parents took her and ran away and called off the wedding after this news.