Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

It was my mom’s birthday a few days ago, we went to her birthday party, every year we celebrate my mom’s birthday with much love. I baked a cake, my mom didn’t know anything. At 12 p.m. we went over to her house and congratulated her. Mom was surprised.

But now I will tell you the most important thing. My brother is serving. We arranged for my brother to come over for a few hours that day. We went into the house, and we lit the candles on the cake, and I said to my mom, close your eyes and make a wish to blow out the candles.

At this point we turned off the lights and my brother secretly entered the house. I turned on the light, and when my mother saw my brother standing there with flowers in his hand, she dropped the cake in her hand out of excitement and ran to my brother. You have no idea what a sweet moment that was, we were all crying. Mom was the happiest person in the world that day. Our surprise was really a success.