Sun. May 26th, 2024

Of all the beloved superstars in Hollywood, there are few who are so universally admired as Goldie Hawn.

The iconic actress has been at the top of the film industry for decades, and over the years she’s carved a place for herself in the hearts of millions around the world.

It’s difficult to believe that Goldie is now 77! years old. She celebrated her latest birthday only earlier this week, with family members, loved ones, and fans taking the time to wish her many happy returns.

One person who wrote a particularly lovely message was Goldie’s daughter, Kate Hudson. On Instagram, the actress posted a series of photos, along with a beautiful message for her mother’s special day.

Hudson wrote: “So lucky I get to celebrate my beautiful mother everyday BUT TODAY Nov 21 was the day she was born! I wonder if God knew what had been concocted in the stars to create this beaming light? I have a feeling it was by no accident that she shares this otherworldly lust for life and joyous spirit. Be not fooled, my mother has depths that reach far beyond a tip toed dance through life.”

She continued: “She has challenged the toughest minds, stood tall for her worth, she blazed trails for us to walk a little easier through and cut a lot of those weeds that love to scratch at women’s ankles trying to get us to turn back, she follows through during the toughest moments and never takes no for an answer. My mothers life is a treasure trove of wisdom that I feel deeply honored to know intimately. Most importantly, she always wanted and continues to aspire to be the best mother and grandmother. And well…let’s just say, she’s winning at that 🏆☺️ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA G! You’re my everything ❤️🎂❤️ @goldiehawn”

The newly-turned 77-year-old earlier this year won praise from fans for talking candidly about the mental health struggles she’s faced over the course of her spectacular career.

Speaking to Hello! Magazine, Goldie admitted there were times in her life that, despite her enormous success, she was not “very happy”.

She explained: “I wanted to go home, get married, open a dancing school, be happy, have children – I wanted a normal life and it’s not exactly what I was getting.

“My career just went boom, boom, boom and I got an Academy Award. As wonderful as it sounded, I would go back into my dressing room and lie down, and I was really freaked out about this anxiety coming over me again.”

She added: “I literally truly lost my smile. For someone who wanted to be happy their whole life, I wasn’t very happy.”

Goldie went on: “I decided to go to a psychologist because I needed to understand more about what was going on with my brain.

“After a year I began to come back into myself but believe me, I know what it is to be depressed, I know what it is to be anxious.”

Here’s to wishing Goldie Hawn many happy returns! Happy Birthday, Goldie!

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