Tue. May 21st, 2024

With the rise of social media, the culture of self-branding, particularly on public platforms, has become quite a thing. Nowadays, it is most popularly known as the “influencer culture.”

Digital and content creators create creative and aesthetically pleasing social media platforms and share their lifestyles, routine work, fashion preferences, and whatnot with the general public.

Doing this earns thousands, sometimes millions of followers, along with loads of money and brand promotions.

The job of ‘Influencers’ is to basically impress people with their lifestyles and have an impact on them.

Many digital creators are using different platforms like Instagram and TikTok to create awareness about important issues and do’s and don’ts of society and stuff like that.

However, this ‘influencer culture’ has also set some unrealistic standards and parameters for people they need to achieve; otherwise, their audience will cancel them, the same audience they are trying to influence.

Recently, a similar thing happened to a famous TikTok influencer when she shared a hot picture of herself on her account, and followers called her ‘fat’ and ‘unattractive.’

Emily Bispo, 23-year-old TikToker, shared a video of herself in which she was lounging on a pool float wearing a bikini and enjoying herself. The video was titled with the caption,

“You should probably cover up; that’s not very flattering.”

In her video, Emily looked at the camera with attitude and raised her shades, then she said

“No. It’s hot chubby girl summer, mind your business!”

Apparently, people made some negative and hateful comments in her previous posts and videos on the platform. Upon seeing her ‘not-so-toned-up’ physique and her belly rolls on display, they criticized her for being “chubby” and “unattractive.”

So, Bispo decided to give a shut-up call to her haters and hence posted the viral video as a reaction.

And as expected, her reactionary video quickly went viral with 374,000 views and 37,000 likes on TikTok.

It received a lot of comments and appreciation from hundreds of people, who applauded her for being “bold” and “being herself.”


“This makes me feel safe,” another TikToker replied.

“You make me feel much better about myself,” another viewer said.

“THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTENT,” another commenter said, while another wrote, “You literally don’t know how much effect u have on me!” one comment said.

Bispo is a huge advocate of self-love and body positivity.

“I’m keeping it real, spreading love and empowering all sizes,” she mentions in her Instagram bio.

The influencer started using social media four years ago when she decided to share her eating disorders and mental health issues with others.

Now her TikTok account has 1.3 million followers, and 117K people are following her on Instagram.

Her accounts are filled with honest posts about her ‘body positivity,’ and she consistently shares content to address the issue and how people should avoid making hateful comments toward others on social media.

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