Sun. May 26th, 2024

In these cases, you must ensure that your children do not leave the house unsupervised. You never really know when your baby is going to wake up in the middle of the night and gently slip into it. Children can become confused, especially when sleeping and dreaming. We hear a lot about it.

Fortunately, many drivers find missing children and can take care of them before help arrives.

This was the case of a Milwaukee bus driver who stopped his bus after seeing a shivering little boy rolling on the sidewalk. The 5 year old was barefoot and clearly scared and a loser.

According to The Inside Edition, Karen Martinez was doing the usual morning rounds when she saw the baby walking alone on the sidewalk without socks or shoes.

She stopped the bus, picked up the boy and brought him back with her. I mentioned that it was so cold he was shivering. She then asked him to sit down while she called the police.

As they sat and waited for the police to arrive, Karen spoke to the child to calm him down. She even gave him a paper and a pencil to draw a picture.

A bus passenger wrapped her jacket around the boy. He even smiled when Martinez offered to let him “drive.” I picked him up in my arms and let him sit behind the wheel of the big bus.

The Milwaukee County Transit System praised Martinez on its Facebook page after viewing surveillance video taken from the bus.

Fortunately, the local police reunited the boy with his family. He did not know why or how the child had been lost. We’re so glad this awesome bus driver was driving when she was!