Sat. May 18th, 2024

It’s not simple to dedicate your life to bettering or preserving the lives of others; at times, it may even be really thankless. Nevertheless, there are still people all around the nation that go to work every day to improve the lives of the general populace.

One of them is Allendale, Michigan’s county sheriff Craig Mast. In addition, his son has joined him after receiving his badge and preparing to begin working as a police officer in a different county.

And what is the icing on the cake? At a recent graduation ceremony for the Grand Valley State University Police Academy, Sheriff Mast was the one to present his son with his badge.

Apparently, it’s standard procedure for a police chief or sheriff to personally “pin” the new cop they’re employing.

But earlier this month, while Ottawa County Sheriff Steve Kempker was preparing for a Police Academy graduation ceremony, he saw an opportunity to accomplish something that will live long in the memory of all involved.

He gave his father, the Oceana County Sheriff, the privilege of putting the badge on Deputy Mitchell Mast.

Sheriff Craig Mast was obviously overjoyed. About his son, he said:

“Mitchell was raised in a family of police enforcement. He has experienced having a father who works long hours and misses important life events. Since I worked the night shift for the first fourteen years of my life—the majority of Mitchell’s childhood—he is aware of what it’s like.

I’m happy Mitchell will be employed by a sheriff’s office that is highly advanced and providing excellent services to its residents and guests.

After graduating from Hart High School in Michigan in 2018, Deputy Mast went on to Grand Valley State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in science in law enforcement.

He has today off before reporting for service!