Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

There are times when something may be hiding right in front of our eyes and we just can’t see it. These make some of the best puzzles, and you have to have a keen vision and perhaps think outside of the box in order to find what is hiding.

That is the case in this picture of a young woman. The picture is interesting because it involves a series of spirals and darker and lighter colored areas that make up the overall image. If you were to zoom in on it, however, you would see that it contains much more.

This puzzle is to find the number that is hiding in the image. It is hiding so well that we have even circled the area where you can find it, yet most people are still not able to find it easily.

Just remember that things aren’t always what they seem to be and at times, there may be something hiding right in front of your face. That is the case with this image, because it contains more than what most people realize.

If you are having difficulty seeing the hidden number, we are going to reveal it for you. Just make sure that you are ready to give up because it can’t be unseen once it is seen.

The secret is to zoom in on the image because as you do, the number begins to appear right in front of your eyes. You will see that there is, indeed a number here but what is it? That is what is up for debate.