Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

It’s always inspiring to see everyday people go out of their way to help animals in need. These kind people give these animals much-needed safety and protection and help them get back home.

That was the case recently, when one bus driver went the extra mile to save a dog who was in the middle of the road on a rainy day.

According to the Milwaukee County Transit System, a driver named Stephany K. was on her route on a rainy Monday, when suddenly she saw a dog in front of her bus.

The loose dog had been running in the street, narrowly avoiding being hit by multiple cars.


Stephany realized the dog was in serious danger, and decided to step up to help by making an unplanned stop on the route.

She opened up the bus doors and called for the dog, guiding it inside. The dog, happy to be out of the rain and out of traffic, explored the bus and greeted passengers.


Meanwhile, Stephany called dispatchers for help. She let the dog sit in the driver’s seat while they waited for help to arrive.

Then, a route supervisor came to pick up the dog, and brought it to the Milwaukee Police Department, hopefully to reunite it with its family.


Stephany was praised by her company for doing the right thing to help the dog and possibly save its life.

“Thank you, Stephany, for your compassion and dedication to MCTS Excellence,” the Milwaukee County Transit System wrote on Facebook.

It seems like Milwaukee’s bus operators are just natural heroes: back in March, another driver made the news after picking up a toddler who was walking around on a very cold day on the “most dangerous road in Milwaukee.”

The driver, named Keyon, took the boy into the bus and contacted the police, getting him to safety.

Thank you to Stephany for going out of your way to help this beautiful dog! Please share this heartwarming news!