Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

They sometimes refer to Disney as being the happiest place on earth. Anybody who has ever visited Disney realizes that it does have its ups and downs, but there can be some enjoyable parts of it.

Unfortunately, there are also times when people do things that ruin a Disney vacation. That seems to be the case when a Florida man made fun of a woman with Down syndrome, and it didn’t turn out well for him in the end.

61-year-old Brent George is now under arrest and facing four counts of first-degree battery charges. It all started when he was at the Bellevue Lounge, a bar inside of Disney’s Boardwalk Inn.

According to reports, he walked over to a table and began taunting a woman with Down syndrome who was in a wheelchair. The Sheriff’s office has not released their identity.

Brent was also reportedly with his wife and two friends drinking at the bar prior to the fight beginning. They were sitting at tables near each other.

When police arrived on the scene, Brent had bruises on his face and some open wounds. He said that he was struck by a glass cup during the fight.

He also said that he couldn’t remember the specific details that led up to the altercation, as he had taken three shots of bourbon and drank some beer before it started.

As far as he remembered he was having a good time with the individuals at the other table and then they attacked him.

The family, however, had a different view of things. They said that he had come over to the table and targeted the younger sister with Down syndrome. After he began mocking and imitating the grunts she was making, things took a sour turn.

The mother, Cadence Goldberg, stood up for her daughter and asked if he was making fun of her. When Brent shoved the mother two times, things escalated with his wife trying to intervene. He then slapped the older woman, and Wesley started to fight with him.

They exchanged blows, including a few that landed on Brent’s face. Someone else came over and grabbed Brent in a bear hug to remove him from the altercation.

In the end, Brent was handcuffed and arrested. His wife bailed him out on a $4000 bond the next day. He is pleading not guilty to all charges and it is unsure if it will go any further.