Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Rachel Ward is an American actress who rose to fame in 1983 when she played on the show, “The Thorn Birds.” Now that she is in her 60s, fans have some great things to say about her and her part in the series.

When Ward was part of that show, she gained a lot of fame. She also gained something else, as her future husband was also working on the set and it wasn’t long before a romance was brewing.

Ward played the part of the heroine in the series and Bryan Brown was her husband on the show. It wasn’t love at first sight but they did eventually have a romantic relationship and they were soon married.

That was some 40 years ago, but they still have a very strong love for each other. Their marriage got started shortly after The Thorn Birds ended. She is thankful that the show brought so many positive things to her life.

Their marriage came after an argument and Brown felt that if they were going to argue that strongly, they might as well tie the knot. The marriage took place in her hometown of Sydney, Australia.

Fast forward 40 years and Ward is now sharing pictures from the premier of her movie, Rachel’s Farm. Fans were quick to point out how good she looked, even though she was now in her mid-60s.

We look forward to seeing much more of this actress as she continues to keep us entertained.