Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

A questioner said:

Can someone tell me what this is? It has been on our front porch since we bought it. My husband and I are stumped and Google has been no help so far. It’s has CS88 stamped on it. House was built in 1890s…UPDATE: It weighs 16lbs. Sorry no banana for scale, so it’s on the bathroom scale.

Credit: Becky Robertson (questioner)

May be an image of welcome mat
May be an image of measuring stick and text
No photo description available.

Some of the people opinions on it:

  1. Old fashion fire pit
  2. I think it is a boot scraper although now they have a single blade. ??? Just a thought.
  3. It can also be a weight for reins from horses or a weight used with a dray wagon
  4. I think it’s supposed to go in a fireplace
  5. Scrape mud off your riding boots but I dont think it was ever completed
  6. It’s a weight.
  7. Combination boot scraper and horse hitching post!!
  8. I think it’s a insert for a fireplace chimney lol idk
  9. That’s a heavy duty component. Might work as a moveable chock for a cable bridge, or anchor chain guide. Stamp gives a clue. Carnegie Steel? Though it’s cast iron . . . fascinating. I’ll be looking around for the solution
  10. Boot scraper.
  11. Looks like a type of form to shape a tube, more industrial than domestic
  12. I’d say it’s more of a Blacksmith tool.Not enough ridges for a boot scrapper.
  13. It does look like it holds up or supports a pipe of some sort. Maybe a water pipe?
  14. Something a smithy used to bend iron
  15. Weren’t boot scrapers more of a blade? And what’s the purpose of the empty space in the middle?
  16. kind of high to scrape your boots-i’d have trouble with that
  17. My guess would be a horse tie down
  18. To make paper fire logs in ?
  19. Wonder if CS stands for Confederate States ???Agreeing with the industrial idea, for shaping something.
  20. I’d say to a scrape dirt & mud off boots & shoes . Probably sat out on porch or varies places to not track in the house.

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