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Queen Camilla has lived within the royal sphere for decades. However, for many years, she was an outsider, despised by millions of royal fans after her affair with Charles became a reality.

Now, things are pretty different as Camilla has become the backbone of the royal family, taking on huge responsibilities as her husband, King Charles, had to step aside due to his cancer treatment. Meanwhile, the king and queen might be heading into a legal battle – as one man claims to be their firstborn son.

An Australian man, who said he was adopted when he was only eight months old in Portsmouth, UK, claims Charles and Camilla are his parents. He has compared pictures and researched his past – and now, he plans on bringing the royals to justice.

King Charles and Queen Camilla’s relationship dates back to 1972 when they first met at a polo match.

In the book Charles and Camilla, Portrait of a Love Affair, author Gyles Brandreth claims that Charles and Camilla were introduced by their mutual friend Lucia Santa Cruz, the daughter of the Chilean ambassador.

King Charles & Queen Camilla

The couple dated for a while but stopped when Charles left to serve in the Royal Navy. By the time he returned, Camilla was engaged to Andrew Parker Bowles.

Bowles and Camilla married in 1973, though Camilla maintained a close and friendly relationship with Charles. The now-king then started dating 19-year-old Diana Spencer in 1980.

When Diana was introduced to the Bowles couple, Camilla thought the young lady was “sweet and cute” and approved of her. At first, Diana and Camilla got along well. Soon, however, things grew uncomfortable.

“I met [Camilla] very early on. I was introduced to the circle, but I was a threat, I was a very young girl, but I was a threat,” Diana explained in the book Diana: In Her Own Words.

According to Prince Charles’ authorized biography, as quoted by Town & Country, Charles and Camilla’s affair started in 1986. Charles was still married to Princess Diana at that point. She found out about it – and confronted Camilla.

Diana, Camilla
Express Newspapers/Archive Photos

What happened in December 1989 pretty much confirmed that they had been having an affair for years.

Infamous Tampongate

Just months after Charles and Diana formally separated, the press published a full transcript of a telephone call between the then-future King and Camilla.

The phone call revealed an intimate and sexual exchange between the couple. But, according to The Diana Chronicles, the person who recorded it had kept it to themself for years.

The scandal involved the future king – just hearing him say things like “live inside her trousers” was wholly unexpected and considered inappropriate. According to Sally Bedel Smith, author of the biography Elizabeth the Queen: The Life of a Modern March, a poll was released shortly after the transcript was published

Sixty-eight percent of the respondents said that then-Prince Charles had destroyed his reputation, and 42 percent even thought Prince William should become the monarch after Elizabeth.

But all that happened didn’t only hurt Charles. Camilla also received her fair share of criticism, both from the public and Royal Family members.

The phone call that took place in 1989 more than confirmed that Charles had engaged in an affair with Camilla while still married to Diana. It also proved that Camilla had cheated on her husband, Andrew Parker Bowles.

In 1994, in an interview with Jonathan Dimbelby, Charles revealed that he had been unfaithful to Diana. The Princess herself had spoken about it by this stage – but it was the first time Charles had confirmed the rumors.

Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles
Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

At that point, the identity of Prince Charles’ mistress had yet to be confirmed. Finally, it became clear that it was Camilla when Jonathan Dimbelby released the authorized biography about Charles, published in the Sunday Times later the same month.

“That they loved each other was not in any doubt. In Camilla Parker Bowles, the prince found the warmth, the understanding, and the steadiness for which he had always longed and had never been able to find with any other person,” Dimbelby wrote.

Camilla was afraid of leaving her house after affair with Charles became public

Camilla’s path to royal life was more than bumpy. Sadly, the now-queen had to endure a lot of abuse from the public, which even led to her not daring to leave her house.

Speaking with OK Magazine, royal expert Angela Levin, author of the 2022 book Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: A Royal Survivor, Camilla had to endure “torrents” of mistreatment from the public as the affair was revealed

“It was very difficult for her, as she was portrayed as the most wicked woman in the world. She was constantly called nasty names like ‘rottweiler,’ and it must have come as a huge shock that people were so vile about her,” Levin said.

It has been reported Charles himself paid for Camilla’s security, hiring two full-time protection officers. However, when they married in 2005, she qualified for publicly funded security, and Charles no longer had to pay them out of his pocket.

Charles, Camilla
Anwar Hussein Collection/ROTA/WireImage

Levin said, “I don’t think Charles realized how awful it was for her. He was often away on engagements and working hard for the country and Commonwealth, and at the time, Camilla didn’t have protection officers because she wasn’t part of the Royal Family. But when Charles finally realized, he did get protection for her, which he paid for himself.”

Queen Camilla praised as a “remarkable asset” to the royal family

Camilla became increasingly popular among the public as the years went by. Today, she is one of the most famous members of the royal family, and after King Charles received his cancer diagnosis, she took on a tremendous amount of responsibility.

While Queen Camilla is known not to love life in the spotlight, she has put all her energy towards serving The Crown. For example, she doesn’t like giving speeches, but as King Charles wasn’t there, she did it. 

Some weeks ago, Camilla was the sole representative of the royal family, attending the Easter service at Worchester Cathedral while Charles continued his cancer treatment.

In a segment on GB News America, royal expert and former correspondent Charles Rae praised the queen for supporting King Charles and Kate Middleton in this troublesome time, calling her a “remarkable asset.”

Rae explained that Queen Camilla has “proven herself” in recent years, not least because of how she was treated after Princess Diana’s death in 1997.

ALREWAS, ENGLAND – MAY 17: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attend the dedication service for the National Memorial to British Victims of Overseas Terrorism at the National Memorial Arboretum on May 17, 2018 in Alrewas, England. (Photo by Paul Ellis – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

He added that Camilla is “one of the best things to happen to the Royal Family” in a “good number of years.”

“Everywhere she goes, she has got a cheery smile on and a happy face. She says the right things. She has proved to be a remarkable asset to the Royal Family, given the allegations that at one time she had bread rolls thrown at her in a supermarket car park.”

Australian man claims to be the firstborn son of Charles and Camilla in shocking claim

King Charles, Queen Camilla, and the other royal family members have had plenty on their hands in recent years. A whole new era began when Queen Elizabeth II passed away, and the feud with Harry and Meghan has drained them of energy.

However, one other very sensitive subject has followed them around for years. One Australian man claims that he is the firstborn son of Charles, and his mother is said to be Camilla.

For years, Simon Charles Dorante-Day claimed that he was the firstborn son of King Charles and Queen Camilla. He has stated that he was conceived in 1965—when Charles was 17 and Camilla was 18—which is long before their affair began.

While Dorante-Day’s claim has never been confirmed, he’s determined to settle the matter once and for all.

Simon has shared several pictures online comparing himself to King Charles, which has sparked quite a debate.

One good thing about them becoming King and Queen is that we get a lot more images to compare with, from many different…Posted by Simon Charles Dorante-Day on Tuesday, April 30, 2024

According to the Australian news outlet 7News, Dorante-Day has made several claims to prove that he is the true son of King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Who is Simon Charles Dorante-Day?

He was born on April 6, 1966, in Gosport, Portsmouth, in the UK, and when he was only eight months old, he was adopted by a couple, Karen and David Day, who lived nearby. He says his adoptive grandparents both worked for Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip in one of the royal households, and his grandmother had told him many times that he was the child of Charles and Camilla.

“She didn’t just hint at it, she told me outright,” Simon Charles Dorante-Day claimed.

Later, Simon says he found out through research that the now-king and queen had grown fond of each other in 1965. Dorante-Day claims it was the lead-up to his birth. Shortly after, Camilla disappeared from the social scene for nine months while King Charles was shipped off to Australia.

News7 writes that a historian previously claimed that the hospital where Dorante-Day was born – which is listed on his birth certificate – didn’t deliver a single baby during the decade he was born. Moreover, it’s believed that the names of the parents listed on his birth certificate were “fictitious.”

Dorante-Day claims he has had recollections of spending time at several houses around Portsmouth as a little boy. There, he spent time with the woman he believed was Camilla while protection officers and his adoptive parents waited outside.

Facebook/Simon Charles Dorante-Day

As mentioned, the pictures of Simon and Charles side by side sparked some debate on social media.

“Maybe you can come clean….”

The Australian grandfather is still certain of his royal heritage, and last year, when King Charles’ coronation took place, he wrote a lengthy statement on Facebook stating that he wanted the king and queen to accept him as a family member.

Simon Charles Dorante-Day called Charles “weak” for failing to respond to any communication or recognizing him as his “firstborn Son.”

“On the eve of your coronation, when all that you have waited for and all that you’ve fought for has come to fruition, I hope that you are finally satisfied,” Simon wrote.

“I am disappointed that my issue couldn’t be resolved before you ascended to the throne, but I feel that in the fullness of time this will reflect more poorly on the Monarchy than it ever will on me.”

He continued, “Maybe you can come clean and admit when you first met because the truth is you haven’t before!”

Simon Charles Dorante-Day is sure of his case, but Buckingham Palace has never responded to the claims.

King Charles, Queen Camilla
Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Just weeks ago, the Australian took another step towards ‘justice.’ as he shared details of his latest legal bid to prove his royal paternity. When King Charles and Queen Camilla visit Australia, he will bring them to court.

“What [legal action] am I going to do this time? Well, I’d be a very silly person that when he comes into the same jurisdiction as me not to do something,” Simon told 7News.

“But I think I’d be even sillier to let that cat out of the bag right now.”

He added: “You know, there’s always something going on in the background here at our place. It never stops. People think just because it goes quiet on Facebook, [the case] is quiet, but it doesn’t. We’re hammering in the background.”

Simon Charles Dorante-Day said he is “100 percent” confident that he will uncover the truth. He says he doesn’t want the fame or money.

“I’m not doing all this to be a Facebook character. And I’ve had to learn to do this and objectionably at times, because we were private people. These accusations that I’m doing this for money? Yeah, right, okay. And I’m doing it for fame? None is true.”

He concluded, “All we want is the truth. All we want him to do is tell the truth, and her, Camilla as well. They both need to own up.”

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