Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

We all come across strange objects from time to time, and it’s natural to wonder about their purpose. In the past, finding answers meant visiting a library or asking someone with knowledge about the subject. However, nowadays, we have a network of internet detectives who can solve the mystery behind any object. Here, we’ve gathered some of the most intriguing discoveries made by these online detectives.

1. Electric Massager from the 1920s

One person shared a picture of a metal object with a plastic round knob and a plastic handle, wondering what it could be. Turns out, it’s an electric massager from the 1920s.

2. Cuneiform Tablet from the Louvre

Someone found a heavy chunk of metal that had maintained its color for decades. It turned out to be a cuneiform tablet that can be purchased as a souvenir at the Louvre and other museums.

3. Lockout/Tagout Gang Lock

Another object that baffled someone was a type of clamp that didn’t open beyond a certain point. The internet detectives identified it as a gang lock used for Lockout/Tagout in workplaces. It ensures the safety of multiple people working with equipment.

4. Mystery Keychain Attachment

Did you ever find a random metal attachment and wonder what it was for? In this case, it was identified as a keychain attachment.

5. Antique Butcher’s Thumb Protector

A thumb protector can be quite puzzling if you’re unsure of its purpose. But for the internet detectives, it was an easy one. It turned out to be an antique butcher’s thumb protector.

6. Blue Reflective Markers for Animal Safety

Someone came across blue reflective markers facing a field and wondered why they were there. The answer is that they reflect car headlights towards the fields, helping animals avoid crossing the road.

7. Hand Warmer with Gel and Metal Disc

Ever stumbled upon a small pouch with red gel and a metal disc inside? It’s actually a hand warmer. Clicking the metal piece starts a chemical reaction that heats up the pad, and it can be recharged by boiling it in water.

8. Clay Modeling Instruments or Cake-Decorating Tools

Finding odd disposable cutlery in a new flat can be confusing. Turns out, they were actually clay modeling instruments or cake-decorating tools.

9. Baby Bottle and Glass Drainer

A spiky plastic thing turned out to be a baby bottle and glass drainer.

10. Neon Rainbow Acrylic Support Tiles for Mahjong

Acquiring neon rainbow acrylic mystery sticks from a secondhand store left someone puzzled. Internet detectives identified them as acrylic support tiles for playing Mahjong.

11. Occupancy Sensor for Office Workstations

A device mounted under an office desk left someone wondering about its purpose. It was identified as an occupancy sensor that helps organize work stations in an office.

12. Boy Scouts Neckerchief Slide

Finding a small metal trinket buried on a rural farm with an eagle, Flor de Lis, and rope pattern turned out to be a Boy Scouts neckerchief slide.

13. Mesh Bed Bug Detector

Staying in a hotel room and noticing a red-flashing light coming from a rubber piece on the bed leg? It’s actually a mesh bed bug detector.

14. Ruling Pen for Calligraphy

A long tool with a metal dial on the top, possibly related to calligraphy, is actually a ruling pen for drawing with ink or other drawing fluids.

15. Old Puzzle Called Octo-mania

Six numbered wooden cubes found in an old cardboard box turned out to be an old puzzle called Octo-mania.

16. Tool for Leather Manipulation

Finding a wooden tool with a metal section and the letter A can make you wonder about its purpose. It’s actually a tool used for softening, making imprints, and cutting leather.

17. Hair Scissors Key for Adjusting Hair Clippers

If you come across a round, cog-like metallic ‘tag’ in a hairdressing kit, it’s actually a hair scissors key used for adjusting hair clippers.

18. Shoe Polisher in a Compressible Sponge

A compressible sponge soaked in a clear, oily, odorless substance received at a conference is actually a shoe polisher.

19. Mosquito-Repellent Ankle Device

Finally, someone shared a picture of a guy wearing an ankle device at a resort in the Caribbean and wondered what it was. The internet detectives identified it as a mosquito-repellent device.

If you ever come across an object that stumps you, don’t hesitate to seek help from internet detectives. They might have the answers you’re looking for!