Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

If you’re not familiar with who Davinci is, he’s a YouTuber, a programmer and most importantly, an early adopter of cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Oh, and he’s also extremely rich.

And, just like he loves to point out, we all could be too, if we’d listened to him back in 2013 when he begged his YouTube followers to buy just $1 of Bitcoin. At the time, one Bitcoin was worth $116.75.

The current value of a Bitcoin is just over $68,000 which is up a whopping 140 percent from this time last year, when the currency had taken a worrying dip.

But despite its fluctuations, the numbers speak for themselves, and Davinci is absolutely right when he says we all should’ve had a little bit of faith.

Instructing his followers to invest more than a decade ago, he wrote alongside a YouTube video: “Look, for the price of [a] lotto ticket you can hold Bitcoin (BTC) for 10 years and become a millionaire. It’s time you stop living in fear. If it goes to zero you lose $1, who cares!!! “But if I’m right I want all of you to thank me, it will not make me happy if you come back to me in 10 years saying ‘dude, I wish I listened to you back 2011 or 2013’.”

He's living it up.


He added an explanation in his video, posting: “Just so you know, Bitcoin is a digital crypto and global money system currency. I talk about technical analysis of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto and how I make money trading BTC.

“Bitcoin allows people to send or receive money across the internet, without a third party.”

And, it turns out Davinci, who hails from Chile, was absolutely right, as he now boasts a wealthy life, complete with private yachts and planes, lavish holidays and flash cars, all through his investment in Bitcoin.

Unsurprisingly, some of the crypto guru’s followers have been left gutted after not following his advice all those years ago, with one confessing they’d gotten close to purchasing․


“I used to watch this guy on YouTube and nearly bought 2,600 bitcoin for £10,” one wrote. “Had my card details in but the server I was buying from kept crashing so I ditched the transaction.”