Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

When Peter Hollens teamed up with Home Free to perform “Amazing Grace,” they created something truly magical.

From the get-go, their rendition hits you right in the feels, with vocal harmonies that tug at your heartstrings.

They’ve taken this classic hymn and infused it with a freshness that really makes you sit up and listen, all while staying true to its core message of hope and redemption.


Peter Hollens, with his acapella genius, and Home Free, with their country vibe, blend their talents to polish the hymn’s simple beauty to a shine.

They manage to pack so much emotion into each note, showing off their deep respect for the song and its historical roots.

Watching the performance, you’re treated to more than just a feast for the ears.


The visuals, with their subtle interplay of light and shadow set against nature’s backdrop, perfectly mirror the song’s narrative arc, leading you from darkness into light, from despair to comfort.

There’s something deeply spiritual about their “Amazing Grace.”

The way they deliver lines like “I once was lost, but now am found; Was blind, but now I see” makes you feel like you’re part of something much bigger, a communal moment of transformation and renewal.


The video’s focus on pure vocals, without any instrumental distractions, lets the song’s profound lyrics fully pierce the soul.

The clarity and harmony of the singing cut straight to the heart, proving that “Amazing Grace” remains a powerful source of solace and inspiration, especially in troubled times.


Hollens and Home Free really show off their vocal chops and emotional depth in this arrangement, intertwining their distinctive sounds in a way that feels both comforting and new.

They breathe life into the age-old lyrics, proving that this hymn still has so much to offer.

The climax of the performance, with all voices coming together in a resonant crescendo, feels like a journey reaching its hopeful end.

This moment, charged with faith and forgiveness, embodies the hymn’s transformative essence.


Looking back at the whole experience, the collaboration between Peter Hollens and Home Free does more than justice to “Amazing Grace.”

Their rendition is a touching nod to the song’s enduring legacy, shining a light on its ability to provide comfort and strength across generations.

The video went viral on YouTube, receiving over 21 million views.

Commenters loved it, with one saying:

“And FINALLY someone who performs that song and knows it has more than 3 verses.”

Another added:

“This song never ages because its Gods truth, amazing grace. Sung so beautifully, thank you guys.”


In essence, their version of “Amazing Grace” isn’t just a musical piece; it’s an emotional expedition that beautifully conveys the hymn’s timeless themes of salvation and redemption.

Together, their voices not only honor the song’s rich past but also speak to the unending relevance of grace in our lives.

Check out the full performance for yourself in the video below!

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