Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Singer Duffy has made a return to social media after four years following a tragic ordeal.

The Welsh singer-songwriter – real name Aimee Anne Duffy – had numerous smash hits in 2008 with her songs ‘Mercy’, ‘Warwick Avenue’ and ‘Rain on Your Parade’ from her album Rockferry, which led her to taking home three Brit Awards and a Grammy.

In 2011, Duffy left the spotlight and later revealed in February 2020 that her disappearance was as a result of being raped, drugged, and held captive by an unknown person.

She detailed the attack which spanned over a four week period, where she says she was drugged at a restaurant whilst celebrating her birthday before being abducted.

She also revealed that she had moved five times before she felt somewhat safe.

In a lengthy blog post, she said: “In the aftermath I would not see someone, a physical soul, for sometimes weeks and weeks and weeks at a time, remaining alone.

Duffy rose to fame in 2008.

Jeff Kravitz / Getty Images

“I would take off my pyjamas and throw them in the fire and put on another set.

“My hair would get so knotted from not brushing it, as I grieved, I cut it all off.”

She concluded her post by asking for privacy ‘to experience me being who I really am’.

Now, the singer has made her return to social media with an Instagram post.

The clip she posted included animated art with poignant music, whilst a male voice read out a passage from Bianca Sparacino’s novel The Strength In Our Scars.

It read: “You’re going to realise it one day – that happiness was never about your job or your degree or being in a relationship.

“Happiness was never about following in the footsteps of all of those who came before you; it was never about being like the others.

“One day, you’re going to see it – that happiness was always about the discovery, the hope, the listening to your heart and following it wherever it chose to go.

“Happiness was always about being kinder to yourself; it was always about embracing the person you were becoming.

“One day, you will understand that happiness was always about learning how to live with yourself, that your happiness was never in the hands of others.

“One day you will realise that true happiness comes from within and no external factors can define it.

“It was always about you.”

Duffy captioned the video: “A little something to motivate the heart on a Monday.

“Hope you are all doing well. Lots of love, Duffy.”

And fans have rushed to support the singer, with one saying: “We miss you, Duffy.

“And we love you. Hope you are doing okay.

“Remember people love you here; We miss you and your beautiful voice.”

Another said: “We love you Duffy!!!!”