Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Gwen Stefani paid heartfelt tribute to fashion icon Vivienne Westwood on Instagram, expressing how honored she felt wearing Westwood’s creations for the first time. She described the experience, saying, “There aren’t enough words to describe how fantastic it felt to put on Vivienne’s clothes for the first time. Her creations are ageless and unique – something that no one else can ever mimic.”

Stefani emphasized Westwood’s profound influence on her style and the fashion world, stating, “Vivienne was unlike any other; she will be one of my favorite designers for the rest of my life.” She praised Westwood’s inventiveness and her impact on countless lives worldwide.

Vivienne Westwood, beloved by family, fans, and the fashion industry, passed away at 81. Her husband, Andreas Kronthaler, and their children, Derek Westwood and Joseph Corré, were devastated by her loss. Derek is a renowned fashion designer, and Joseph honored his mother’s legacy by creating the lingerie line Agent Provocateur.

Gwen Stefani’s tribute followed her recent Instagram video that initially hinted at joyful news, but instead, she confirmed that she and Blake Shelton were not expecting a child. Despite this, Blake embraces his role as a stepfather to Gwen’s sons, Apollo, Zuma, and Kingston, saying, “Those boys are and will always be my family.” He aims to create a supportive environment for them and cherish life’s special moments togethe