Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

We will have a lot of relationships in our lives but none of them will be quite as strong as the relationship we have with our grandparents. The love between a grandchild and grandparents is something that goes beyond all reason.

Sometimes, this love is going to be there from the start and it will only grow as the years go by. Yes, we also love our parents and siblings but our grandparents hold a special place in our hearts and sometimes, that is for good reason.

We can see that reason in the following story that will touch your heart.

This story really shows the bond that grandparents have with their grandchildren. When Clem was about six years old, her grandmother gave her a gift. It was a present for her birthday, a plastic sheep.

Most people would probably think this was a little strange but Clem liked it. She knew that it was a simple toy but it held a special place in her heart.

She would also come to realize that the plastic sheep was part of a birthday tradition that would unfold one year after another. Every year on her birthday, she will get another plastic sheep from her grandmother.

She did wonder why her grandmother was giving her these unusual toys but it was a tradition that she came to love. In fact, she even looked forward to having another plastic sheep in her collection.

After Clem’s grandmother passed away, she learned that there was a secret to these unusual presents. There was a code hiding underneath each of the plastic sheep that took Clem to a secret bank account that her grandmother has set up.

That bank account contained more than $120,000. It was a gift that not only showed the beauty of the relationship, there was also something tucked inside that would bring her much joy.

Her grandmother had written her a letter in her own hand, telling her that she loved her and hoped that she had the best future imaginable. Even though she wasn’t there in person, She knew that she was giving her a gift that would last for a lifetime.