Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

A server has hit out at a woman who didn’t tip on a $650 takeout order.

As the tipping debate rages on, some have resolved extra cash should never be expected but only be doled out if servers are on top form.

Others, however, have spoken out in rage if they receive a tip and the figure is too small.

Now, another scenario has entered the chat, a customer who’s bought takeaway food – and a significant amount at that – and left without tipping a penny.

Server and video creator Dean Redmonds took to his TikTok on Friday (15 March) to call out a woman who ‘didn’t tip’ him and his colleagues on ‘a $650 takeout order’.

In the video, the server explains the customer placed a ’50-item order’ at 9:00am in the morning, which meant he had to call her up and warn it would take an extra 30 minutes to complete.

However, the response he received on the phone was far from pleasant. According to Dean, the ‘Karen’ said it wasn’t okay for them to take 30 more minutes before hanging up the phone and not answering his call back.

The order proved a nightmare straight from the get go. Credit: TikTok/ @deanredmonds
The order proved a nightmare straight from the get go. Credit: TikTok/ @deanredmonds

The server had to presume she was ‘kidding’ as those working in the kitchen were working hard to get the order ready for 10:00am.

At 9:30am, Dean says the customer came to the restaurant and ‘confronted’ one of his co-workers. He quickly apprehended her noting he was the one to speak to her on the phone and she apparently said: “You asked me if we could give you 30 more minutes at which point I said no.”

The ‘Karen’ then compared her experience to other restaurants, refused Dean’s offer of some water and after collecting her food, didn’t leave a tip either – ‘on a $650 order’ Dean reiterates.

Dean says: “Not $5, not $2, nothing. No thank yous, leaves. Forty minutes later I got a tap on my back, I turn around, I almost jump when I see her. She’s like, ‘Is there a reason you gave us all dry sandwiches? No ketchup, no hot sauce, no mustard?’

“I am so done, I almost dragged her by her had over to the self serve center where it literally says self serve sauces.”

Not only that, but she then ‘had the nerve’ to also write the restaurant ‘a bad review’.

It didn't take long for the serves to seek their revenge. Credit: TikTok/ @deanredmonds
It didn’t take long for the serves to seek their revenge. Credit: TikTok/ @deanredmonds

The review claimed Dean and his team ‘purposely’ gave the customer ‘dry sandwiches’ because they were ‘mad she came in early’.

However, in leaving a review, the woman exposed her name and Dean says they tracked her down on Google and found she works at a company located nearby. And whether rightly or wrongly, the servers then embarked on some pretty cunning revenge.

Dean resolves: “So we went on to Google reviews with our parents accounts and wrote her really nice reviews with her name in them.”

And it’s not taken long for people to flood to the post to weigh in on the incident.

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One TikToker said: “NO TP PN $650 IS WILD.”

“As soon as I saw a $600 order, I would have said I’m sorry you need to contact our catering team,” another wrote.

However, a third added: “Bro it’s a takeout order. I’m pro tipping, but carryout doesn’t get tipped.”

And a fourth commented: “I order I picked up… No tip.”