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dleton has been seen for the first time since Christmas Day as she has undergone – and is still recovering from – her abdominal surgery that took place in mid-January. The Princess of Wales is expected to be off royal duty for another month, but the recovery might take longer. 

Meanwhile, King Charles has been undergoing cancer treatment after his shock diagnosis was announced at the beginning of February. The number of working senior royal family members shrunk quickly, and speculations about whether Harry and Meghan could make a shock return to royal life spread.

Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan have been warned about speaking out about Kate. However, they are simultaneously being accused of fueling speculations about her health.

Kate Middleton is still recovering from her abdominal surgery. The Princess of Wales underwent the “planned” surgery in mid-January. After spending 13 days at The London Clinic, she returned home to Adelaide Cottage, reuniting with her family.

Kate Middleton – recovery updates

Kensington Palace has been very restrictive when sharing updates on Kate Middleton’s recovery process. Meanwhile, fans have wanted more information as the lack of information has been interpreted as worrying.

Prince William has given some updates about his wife when out on royal duty, and last week, a Kensington Palace spokesperson said that the Princess of Wales is “doing well.”

Many have questioned whether it’s the right call not to give more updates on Kate. Some experts have demanded that they should at least release a new picture of the princess, while royal fans, at the same time, have wanted her to release all details on what the “planned” abdominal surgery was about. 

As speculations about Kate’s health continue, a royal spokesperson said the palace “made it clear in January” that they would provide significant updates” only when necessary.

Even though Kensington Palace did update on Kate’s progress, speculations about her health have spread all across the internet. Also, some bizarre conspiracy theories surrounding the Princess of Wales have come to light.

The conspiracies have been fueled by social media users online, and one should probably not even see them as speculations.

However, a royal expert has dragged Prince Harry and Meghan Markle into the discussion of why there are so many speculations about Kate Middleton. Is it their fault?

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On February 27, Prince William missed his godfather King Constantine’s memorial service in Windsor due to a “personal matter.” The non-specified explanation of William’s absence was fuel to the “Where is Kate” fire, and as Kensington Palace indeed realized it, they also shared that Kate “continues to be doing well.”

Kate Middleton dragged into conspiracy theories about her absence

There have even been theories that, after the crazy claim that she had been in a coma, she isn’t alive.

Meanwhile, especially after Concha Calleja’s claims spread internationally on social media, the conspiracy theories replaced each other, and in later weeks, there have been even more.

For example, one X (formerly known as Twitter) account began a conversation about where Kate Middleton is – which expanded in every direction.

“I am not trying to be a conspiracy theorist about the situation at all, but it is WILD how much the royal family has shut down press about where Kate Middleton is/why she hasn’t been seen,” the user wrote, as Yahoo reported.

Everyone didn’t like the conspiracy theory, with another user shutting down the discussion in minutes by replying, “It’s almost like privacy.”

Social media users weren’t done, and the post from the user that first started the conversation turned into a discussion with no ending.

As per Yahoo, another account wrote, “This extraordinary shutdown is not protecting Kate or guarding her privacy. It’s protecting the institution itself. Whatever has happened to her has jeopardised the royal family and the whole idea of monarchy in an unprecedented way.”

Prince William, Kate Middleton
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Some weeks ago, Prince William appeared by himself at the BAFTA Film Awards as Kate Middleton continues to recover. Usually, the Princess of Wales would be by her husband’s side at those events, but naturally, she wasn’t.

First picture of Kate Middleton after surgery – royal outing confirmed

Of course, this also became fuel for another conspiracy theory online, with one account speculating that Kate’s absence could be due to their troubled marriage. According to the social media user, she wasn’t there to “get the public used to seeing him without Kate. That marriage is so over. They’re phasing Kate out.”

While there is still about a month left before Easter, which was initially said to be the end period for Kate’s recovery, news suggests that the princess is on her way back to everyday life.

On Monday, March 4, the American news site TMZ released the first picture of Kate Middleton to have been taken on Kate Middleton since her surgery. The princess hasn’t been spotted in public since Christmas Day, and in the new picture, Kate is seen wearing sunglasses in the passenger seat of a car.

Meanwhile, Kate Middleton has asked for privacy during her recovery phase, so no British tabloid has yet run the picture.

Since being admitted to the hospital on January 16 to undergo the planned abdominal surgery, Kate’s schedule has been entirely cleared. Now, her first outing after recovery has been confirmed.

On Wednesday, the Minister of Defense confirmed that Kate Middleton will attend the Trooping the Colour dress rehearsal ceremony on June 8, ahead of the main event on June 15. Kensington Palace is still to confirm the Princess of Wales’ presence at the event.

Kate Middleton
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After the news of her surgery was made public, Kate Middleton received support from all over the world. Shortly afterward, Harry and Meghan also showed their support despite their broken relationship with the Princess of Wales.

Harry and Meghan reached out to Kate after surgery news

According to the Mirror, Harry and Meghan Markle sent their best wishes to Kate Middleton – and King Charles – after she had been hospitalized. 

A source told the Mirror that “The King and the Princess of Wales have received support from Prince Harry and Meghan regarding their health. “The Duke and Duchess contacted both parties in different ways to pass on their concern and best wishes.

Weeks later, another picture was brought forward about what especially Meghan had done when she found out about Kate’s surgery. According to a Us Weekly source, Meghan contacted the princess, hoping it would be a first step to ending the feud. 

“Meghan has contacted Kate and Charles,” the source said. “So moves are being made to reconcile.” 

Meanwhile, a second source noted that Meghan has been very “supportive” of Harry’s attempts to reconcile with his family. Also, he “wishes the royals—Kate included—the very best.”

Over the last few years, Harry and Meghan have spoken out about their experience of royal life, accusing members of “The Firm” of many things. This has led to much criticism, with the Sussexes being accused of only doing it for money.

Kate, Meghan
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The debate about Harry and Meghan’s outspokenness about the royal family – and what they claimed and accused them of – has been ongoing for years. Some argued that it was a private matter, not for them to talk about in public, while others said it was a part of being a public figure.

Royal expert blame Harry & Meghan for speculations about Kate Middleton’s health

Through their Oprah Winfrey tell-all interview, the six-part Netflix show, and Harry’s Spare book, the couple revealed all sorts of details about royal life, and Harry told the public how his family had, in his opinion, mistreated him.

As the Sussexes aren’t a part of the royal family anymore, they don’t follow the same rules regarding not being outspoken on specific subjects. The couple has reportedly wanted to get closer to Hollywood and become a part of the celebrity community in Los Angeles. The fact that Meghan already has had plenty of successful work as an actress will surely make it easier to fulfill.

But Harry and Meghan’s outspokenness in later years has negatively affected Kate and the many speculations and conspiracy theories surrounding her while she is recovering from her surgery.

That is according to royal expert Kinsey Schofield, who claims the Sussexes have contributed to fueling speculations surrounding the Princess of Wales, even though they haven’t spoken about her in public.

Speaking on Sky News, Schofield claimed that Harry and Meghan have “warped” the public’s expectation regarding what the royal family should share.

Harry, Meghan Markle
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“I think this is a reflection of Harry and Meghan oversharing for the last four (years),” Schofield told Sky News about the many speculations and conspiracy theories about Kate’s health.

“It’s warped our expectations”

“I mean, for the last four years, we had a book, we had a reality show, we had multiple sit-down interviews. When Meghan Markle had her miscarriage, she announced it through the New York Times, like she wrote an op-ed announcing her miscarriage, and I just think it’s warped our expectations when it comes to … What we expect to hear about the British Royal family.”

The royal expert added, “It feels like Harry and Meghan have made it in a way more okay for us to try to push the envelope and try to ask for more when it comes to the privacy of the real working royals.”

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