Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Turning an old shed into a tiny home can be deeply rewarding, especially when the shed holds sentimental value as an inheritance from grandparents.

The process is not just about refurbishing a structure; it’s a celebration of family history, a tangible connection to the past that now gets a new lease on life.

Katy Krebs and her husband, Michael, embarked on a remarkable journey of turning an old shed into a tiny home — a cozy haven filled with warmth and nostalgia.

Katy and Michael Krebs sitting in front of their house telling about their journey of turning an old shed into a tiny home.

This unique project held special significance as the shed was not just a structure but a cherished inheritance from Michael’s grandparents, making the process a celebration of family history and a tangible connection to the past.

The Krebs family, having rented for seven years, felt the need for a place they could truly call their own, especially with the challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Michael and Katy and their two daughters, Carolina and Harper, found the solution close to home—their 70-acre property in Fayetteville, Texas, which included agricultural land and a small, rundown shed, according to Business Insider.

Seeing it as an opportunity, Katy, a stay-at-home mom, envisioned turning an old shed into a tiny home —a temporary abode until they could gather enough resources to renovate and move into the main house, which had belonged to Michael’s grandparents.

The shed, built in the ’80s, presented numerous challenges. With peeling paint, no plumbing, and an inadequate electrical system, the 280-square-foot structure required a complete overhaul.

Undeterred, Katy, fueled by her longtime love for tiny homes, saw the potential for a dream come true.

The Krebs family's tiny home under renovation.


Operating on a tight budget, the couple decided to take on most of the renovation work.

From installing partition walls and adding windows to restoring the roof, Katy and Michael poured their efforts into turning an old shed into a tiny home.

They even repurposed materials on the property, including old lumber and a barn door that became the charming entrance to their new abode.

Michael working on the electrical wires when they are turning an old shed into a tiny home.

Despite the hurdles, the couple’s dedication remained unwavering.

They dismantled internal walls, added new windows for improved ventilation and natural light, and gave the roof and exterior walls a fresh coat of paint.

Repurposing materials saved costs, with an old barn door finding new life as their front door and a beam from the property’s pasture serving as a rustic ceiling feature.

Michael shows the old, brown barn door they repurposed as the tiny home's front door.

The family faced a significant challenge when creating new walls to partition the space into rooms.

Carefully considering a floor plan was essential. Katy and Michael had to transform the open space into a functional living area with separate rooms for a bedroom and bathroom.

Learning from online resources, the couple tackled the framing with their two daughters by their side, making it a genuinely family-oriented project.

To add a personal touch and fulfill a dream of turning an old shed into a tiny home, the Krebs family built an 8-foot porch in front of their tiny home.

Front view of Krebs' tiny home, showing it beautiful porch with many lights at night.

This addition expanded the living space and provided an outdoor hangout spot, perfect for watching the sunset in the evenings.

The renovation, spanning nine months from September 2020 to May 2021, involved the help of friends and family members.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Katy and Michael did not encounter significant supply-chain issues, thanks to the reuse of existing materials and the support of a local home-improvement store.

Katy, sanding the newly installed wooden floor.

The completed tiny home, with its three rooms adorned with rustic furniture, is a testament to the family’s dedication and creativity.

Katy’s favorite part, the farmhouse-style kitchen, reflects her desire for a cozy and stylish living space.

Katy showing the tiny home's fully equipped kitchen, showcasing a large stove, oven, large sink and spacious countertop.

The bathroom, featuring a shower, toilet, and hidden closet, showcases the family’s resourcefulness.

Having documented their journey of turning an old shed into a tiny home on TikTok, Katy has shared the ups and downs of tiny-home living with around 9,500 followers.

Krebs' tiny home's living area with large sofa, windows and a wall display that says "love grows best in little houses just like this"

Despite occasional criticism on social media about their flexible sleeping arrangements, Katy reassures everyone that it’s a temporary situation.

The family enjoys the benefits of downsizing, allowing their daughters to explore the outdoors freely, surrounded by chickens, cows, a pig, and dogs.

The Krebs and their dog at their farm.

Reflecting on the experience, Katy advises aspiring tiny-home builders to plan meticulously, emphasizing the importance of drawing out detailed floor plans.

The family has been living in their tiny home for over two years, finding it a rewarding experience.

The downsizing has not only created a space that reflects their personality but has also provided a unique connection to the enduring spirit of Michael’s grandparents.

The Krebs posing for a photo in front of their tiny home.


In conclusion, turning an old shed into a tiny home has been a labor of love for the Krebs family.

Beyond the tangible results of the renovation, their cozy haven stands as a living tribute to the past, a harmonious blend of memories and dreams where generations old and new intersect in a warm and welcoming space.

Watch the video below for a quick house tour: