Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Nestled in the picturesque Hocking Hills of Ohio, a place where the natural beauty effortlessly enhances any dwelling, stands a collection of the most charming vacation rentals and tiny houses.

It’s a locale where the effort to beautify the exterior seems almost unnecessary, given the stunning vistas that surround each home.

Among these, the GloCabin distinguishes itself not just by its presence but by the surprise it holds within.

From the outside, its matte black exterior and dark Alderwood French doors might seem a tad too somber for some.

Yet, this simple yet elegant color scheme allows it to stand out, making a statement against the lush backdrop of nature.


Step inside, and the GloCabin transforms entirely. It’s as if the cabin sheds its dark exterior to reveal a bright, welcoming interior.

The design, inspired by California Casual, beautifully incorporates wood elements and neutral colors, creating a space that’s both inviting and serene.


The layout of the common areas is thoughtfully designed to allow easy movement and interaction.

The living area, adjacent to the breakfast counter and kitchen, might sound compact, but it feels anything but.

There’s plenty of room to cozy up for a movie or to simply enjoy the view outside, making it a perfect blend of functionality and comfort.


For those who love to cook, the GloCabin’s kitchen is a dream.

It’s fully equipped with all the necessary appliances, and the island in the middle features a gorgeous, functional countertop.

This space isn’t just for meal prep; it doubles as a bar where meals can be enjoyed, adding to the cabin’s charm.


The bedroom is another highlight, accessible from both sides of the cabin.

It’s designed for comfort, with enough space to walk around the bed and ample closet and storage space.

What’s more, doors on either side lead to different decks, offering a seamless connection to the outdoors. Imagine dining outside with the majestic view as your backdrop!

The bathroom maintains the cabin’s bright and spacious feel.

The shower is generously sized, challenging the notion that this is a tiny house.

The vanity table, reclaimed and repurposed from an old potter’s table, adds a unique touch, blending functionality with history.


But the surprises don’t end there. Another door leads from the bathroom to an additional deck, where a Japanese Cedar Spa tub awaits.

It’s the perfect spot to relax after a day of hiking, offering luxury in the midst of nature. This tiny house proves that size doesn’t limit luxury.

The GloCabin is thoughtfully situated to make the most of the outdoors. With hiking trails nearby and decks that offer stunning views, it’s an ideal spot for those who love to be outside.

Whether it’s a morning jog or an afternoon of relaxation, the GloCabin offers a perfect blend of comfort and nature.

Take a tour of the GloCabin with Levi Kelly in the video below!