Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

As Cole and his fiancée Linda visit Linda’s hometown, he realizes that he was there when Linda’s father unexpectedly died. He now needs to reveal the truth to Linda and her mother.

I never used to be the type of person who believed in fate. I figured that if something was going to happen, it was going to happen. And that would be it—no other grand plan in place.

However, I later discovered Linda’s father’s identity and realized I was to blame for his death. All of a sudden, it appeared that destiny had a role to play.

Allow me to provide you with a detailed account of the events:

I’m thirty years old and absolutely smitten with my fiancée, Linda. We’re currently knee-deep in wedding preparations, making sure every detail is perfect for our big day. We crossed paths two years ago in the bustling streets of New York City and have been inseparable ever since.

Linda and I made the decision to pay a visit to her parents’ residence in Phoenix. I had come across Linda’s Mom as she would occasionally visit New York to spend time with Linda. I was aware of her father’s untimely death during her childhood, but my knowledge on the subject was limited.

We decided to visit Linda’s childhood home so she could give me a tour. And to show me where she grew up. I could have met her there if my family hadn’t moved when my dad got a job in New York. Had fate intervened, I would have crossed paths with Linda before our moving.

Veronica, Linda’s mother, asked her if she could use her veil for our wedding.

The dinner was a delightful event, filled with laughter and an abundance of delicious food. Veronica’s chili was outstanding and definitely worth the trip.

Then the old pictures of Linda showed up.

«Cole,» Veronica exclaimed, passing me an album. «Linda’s hair during her rebellious years is definitely worth checking out.»

It was a lighthearted and harmless experience. It was by chance that I came across a photo of Linda and her father. It sent shivers down my spine.

I briefly held the old photograph, my hand trembling slightly as I grasped the beer bottle.

Unexpectedly, the photograph revealed a face that I wasn’t expecting seeing, especially not within Linda’s family album.

I blurted out a confession without thinking.

«I do feel terrible about telling you this, but I’m the reason your dad died. Linda, I killed him.»

Linda’s face went from happy to puzzled and shocked. I watched as her expression twisted in front of me.

She asked, «What do you mean, Cole?» «My father passed away about two decades ago. How could you be the cause of his death?»

«I recall talking about that my family lived in Phoenix for about one year during my childhood.»

Linda and her mother nodded.

«Our stay here was brief due to my father’s employment situation. However, during that period, I developed a strong passion for cycling and would often take a leisurely ride around the neighborhood just before dinner. One day, I accidentally turned into the wrong lane due to the distracting glare of the sun. In order to keep me safe, the other car on the road swerved and struck a tree.»

I hesitated, unable to meet the gaze of either Linda or her mother.

«This photo,» I said, gesturing towards the one next to Linda and her father. «This particular piece was featured in the newspaper. When I saw it the next day, I knew the man had saved me. I’m not sure who phoned for an ambulance, but I know I waited on the curb until they left. I walked home after that.»

«But you were just a child,» Linda’s mother said.

«I just found out that he is your father,» I informed Linda. «It was not until I laid my eyes upon this captivating photograph.»

A heavy silence filled the room.

«I completely understand if you would prefer to cancel the wedding,» I said. «Linda, I am willing to go to great lengths to make you happy. It is absolutely unthinkable to let you walk away, no matter what. And absolutely inexcusable. But I will understand.»

Linda casually grabbed my beer bottle and took a sip.

«I believe our meeting was destined, Cole,» she said, gently grasping my hand. «I believe my Dad saved you specifically for me. You were young, and it’s understandable that you were just being a child and riding a bicycle. And I can’t fault my father for wanting to rescue you, either. I forgive you.»

Linda’s words had a profound impact on me. She rose to her feet, and immediately hugged me.

Afterward, tears streamed down my face. And it was a deeply healing experience.

Linda’s mother then stepped forward and joined the embrace. I wasn’t sure if she would forgive me, but it looked like she did.

As I sit here, just a week before our wedding, I find myself writing my vows and feeling an overwhelming sense of fulfillment.

I find comfort in the fact that I have had the opportunity to meet the family of the person who rescued me, regardless of whether it was a result of destiny or mere chance. However, his family will now become mine as well.

Do you have any stories that seem to be the result of pure destiny?