Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Without certain physical characteristics, we could not envision some animals, such as giraffes with their long necks or octopuses with their tentacles.

This explains why the Nelson hedgehog is a highly uncommon member of his species: for reasons that are entirely unknown, he was born without a needle! The bald hedgehog is he.

Unfortunately, he will never be able to survive in the wild because he lacks a natural means of defense.

The wildlife fund representative admits what follows: “Nelson is a huge mystery to us. It is quite astounding how he has endured for so long.

Nelson appears to be in good condition, but he lives in paradise since he frequently gets oil massages! His mistress believes it’s likely that no one will ever understand why he doesn’t even have a needle.

Nelson is undoubtedly the most unique hedgehog you will ever see, despite the fact that he is not quite as adorable as the other hedgehogs you have seen.

Here are some pictures: