Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

There’s something special about dressing up for an event, something magical about simply being celebrated. For many teenagers, their prom is one such occasion.

I remember my own high school prom vividly. My mom spent hours helping me fix my hair and nails, not to mention all the time rushing around to ensure I didn’t have to stress.


Of course, the dress was the most important thing. I knew how nice everyone else was going to look, so it was important for me to be my shining best.

That said, I’ve come to reflect that not everyone can afford the ball gown of their dreams. Such was the case with Addi Rust. In her mind, she had chosen the dress she wanted, but soon came to realize it cost too much.

Fortunately she had a real Prince Charming as her date. Not only was he prepared to help her, but he was prepared to go to great lengths to do so.


Although Addi was feeling down, she wasn’t about to show it. She had joked with her prom date that maybe she could go in a dress that he himself had sewn. The comment wasn’t lost on him.

Parker Smith, who had never sewn so much as a jot in his life, asked his grandmother for her help in creating the perfect dress for Addi.

Parker Keith Smith/Facebook

The result? Well, see for yourself:

Just think how much time this young boy must have spent to ensure his date had a wonderful dress that she could shine in. Parker, you’re a true inspiration.

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