Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Whoopi Goldberg startled “The View” audience last week by storming off stage during a live broadcast. The event was sparked by the recent controversy surrounding singer Miranda Lambert, who halted a concert to chastise fans for taking photos of her while she was playing. Despite the complaints of many critics, Whoopi Goldberg actually departed the show as a joke and wasn’t really departing. Viral recordings of Whoopi Goldberg leaving “The View” showed her storming off while the co-hosts battled with Miranda Lambert. Many reviewers had hoped for one or two more complex scenes.

Miranda Lambert made waves when she unexpectedly stopped her performance to scold at some fans who wanted to capture pictures of their concert experiences, to put things into perspective. Miranda Lambert’s tickets were most likely more expensive than a few dollars, and concertgoers often snap photos to post on social media or save as souvenirs. The co-hosts of “The View” were arguing over Miranda Lambert’s positions on a number of topics, including whether or not she ought to have stopped the show to yell at the audience and whether or not attendees at concerts should be permitted to take pictures. Whoopi was so overcome with disarray that she turned to face the audience and abruptly announced, “I’m leaving y’all.”

Alyssa Farah Griffin, Miranda Lambert’s co-host, attempted to address the contentious subject in a fair and impartial manner. Griffin pleaded with Lambert to refrain from making fun of people who came to see her perform since it would make them feel uncomfortable, especially if they are just taking pictures and not bothering other fans. Whoopi Goldberg now appears and says that it’s impolite for the fans to take selfies. said Whoopi, “They came to see her, they paid for the tickets, so she’s singing.” [Practice] at least some thought… Recognize that you and her can see each other.

Another host, Sara Haines, noticed that during the selfie incident, the people who were being screamed at by Miranda Lambert were sat relatively close to the stage. But does it mean the famous singer has to be berating them, calling off the show, and making a scene? Debatable, but according to a Page Six piece detailing Whoopi Goldberg’s departure, Sunny Hostin suggested Miranda Lambert was at fault.
Page Six quoted Sunny Hostin, who made reference to the cost of VIP seats at the location where Miranda Lambert was criticized for her selfie. The most expensive seats in the VIP area were $757. Sorry, it’s just me, but $757 gets me as many selfies as I want. That might sound a little excessive, but if I paid that much for any performance, you better believe I would have some pictures from the occasion to defend people who took selfies. I would drink as many shots as I wanted for that sort of money, and Miranda Lambert would never hold it against me. I wouldn’t just sit here and take endless selfies, even though I’m on the “I paid for this, and I want a photo or two of it” bandwagon. Savor the performance, take pictures when it’s appropriate, and live in the present. Fans may discover a middle ground so they can enjoy the best experience possible without being embarrassed in public by a stiff vocalist.

This is when things start to get interesting. In response to Sunny Hostin, Whoopi Goldberg suggests that individuals “stay home” if they find it difficult to give up shooting selfies. Whoopi Goldberg’s comment that audiences should focus on the show prompted Sunny Hostin to defend her stance in the Miranda Lambert controversy. Whoopi Goldberg then sprang up and walked over to the live crowd, trying to bolster her stature by getting a photo with a participant. But did it really work out? Everything is up to you. Watch the video below: