Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

What would you do if you found a bag full of cash on the street?

Now, what if you were in need of a car and you just could use some extra money to make your life a little easier?

That would be quite tempting for a lot of people.

Although most of us will answer we’d return it no matter what, it’s not until you find yourself in a similar situation that you know for sure which way you’d choose to go.

Like Dianne Gordon, a woman from White Lake Township, Michigan, who recently found a bag full of cash and returned it to the police.

The elderly woman has been walking to and back from work for over a year, because her car broke down and she couldn’t afford to buy a new one.

For the last months, she has been walking more than 5 miles a day, no matter how hot or cold it is, five days a week, to do what she needs to do in order to make ends meet.

Dianne doesn’t really mind walking.

What she regrets the most though, is that she can’t just jump in her car and go visit her daughter and grandchildren, or that she can’t attend their school events.

But in late January, she had the chance to change all that.

As she was walking home from work, she stopped at the local BP gas station to warm up a little bit before continuing to walk.

That’s when she spotted a ziplock bag on the ground.

She picked it up and she realized there was money in it.

Gordon had no idea how much money there was in the bag, but she didn’t even think of opening it, let alone keeping the money.

She walked inside the gas station and talked to the cashier, asking to call the police.

A while later, the police arrived and opened the bag. There was more than $14k in the bag, along with wedding cards, which meant that all this money was gifts for some newly-married couple.

The police thanked the woman for returning the bag, and Gordon thought that was it, but she had no idea what was about to happen next.

The wife of the officer who went to check on Gordon and the bag that day decided it was only fair to give back to this deserving woman who did the right thing while being in need herself.

So, they started a GoFundMe page and raised enough money to buy a new car for Dianne.

Actually, as of this writing, the page has raised over $82K to be exact!

Dianne got her new Jeep Compass and she now cannot wait to attend her granddaughter’s gymnastics competition.

But if you ask the woman what the best part of this story is, she will tell you that she’s happy the newlyweds were tracked down and could get their money back.

What a wonderful lady and a positive example for everyone!

So, do you think you would have done the same?

Watch Gordon talk about finding the bag of cash in the video below!

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