Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

If you’re anything like me, you’ll have wondered plenty about how time seems to fly by so fast.

It feels like it’s oh-so-easy to get caught up in our everyday lives, in waking up each morning, going to work, enjoying the weekends, that you blink and all of a sudden ten years have passed.

There’s perhaps no better measuring stick than children, in this regard. While many adults can remain virtually unchanged over a few years, children grow and develop so fast that they become a constant reminder of the passage of time (and the effect it’s constantly having on us).

Take Simon Cowell’s son, Eric, for example. Had you asked me his age last week, I likely would have guessed at four, perhaps five. My point is, he’s still a very young child in my eyes, because, well, he was only born a few short years ago…

Only, he wasn’t. Not even close. No, Eric Cowell, son of Simon and fiancée Lauren Silverman, is nine now!

Not only that, but he made a rare red carpet appearance for the recent America’s Got Talent final, reminding us all that not only does he exist, but he’s not too far off leaving boyhood behind.

It feels like only last year that Simon Cowell, renowned talent show judge and music mogul, revealed that he was to become a father for the first time. In February 2014, Simon and Lauren Silverman welcomed Eric, with the former admitting:  “I never knew how much love and pride I would feel.”

Truth be told, we haven’t seen all that much of Eric since then – his famous dad appears to have been of a mind to keep him away from the searing spotlight.

This is perhaps why Eric’s recent appearance on the red carpet for the AGT final has caused such a buzz.

As per Hello!, Eric posed for photos with the act that won Season 18 of the competition, Hurricane, wearing a pair of denim jeans and a relaxed striped polo shirt for the occasion.

He was also photographed standing in between his parents, and I for one was positively shocked with how grown-up he looks now!

Earlier this month Simon – who boasts a jaw-dropping estimated fortune of close to £500 million – revealed that he’s set his sights on “training up” Eric to be the successor to his business empire one day.

Speaking to the Mirror, Simon said: “Eric is a little me. I do say when he’s playing up a bit, ‘Remember, Daddy has already done all this. I’m encouraging him to go into show business.”

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