Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

Meet Vicki, a woman who turned a catastrophe into an opportunity for a fresh start.

After an earthquake devastated her home in Christchurch, New Zealand, she packed what was left of her belongings and headed to Australia.

There, she found a job and stayed with a friend while she saved up to rebuild her life.

As she began rebuilding, Vicki realized she didn’t need a large house.

Instead, she decided to create a tiny, custom-built container home that was just the right size for her and fit within her budget.

Vicki found the perfect spot for her new home on a lot opened by a generous couple for people with mobile homes.

The location was a bonus, offering a stunning view and a spacious field where she learned to grow her own food.

Inside, Vicki’s home is a soothing oasis of green.

The interior design, a harmonious blend of green, copper, and timber, complements the lush view outside.

The wallpaper, sourced from an artist in the Netherlands, adds a unique touch to the decor.

The living area, though simple, exudes elegance.

A comfortable couch, which doubles as a guest bed, faces the door, allowing Vicki to enjoy the view from the comfort of her living room.

The kitchen is a marvel in Vicki’s tiny home.

Her dining and work table is just the right height for her, and a bench doubles as a shoe rack.

Despite its size, it houses all necessary appliances without compromising on space or storage.

There’s ample counter space for meal prep, plenty of cabinetry, and a sliding pantry for additional storage.

One of the standout features of Vicki’s home is a large window that frames the view of the trees outside.

The window not only enhances the home’s overall look but also lets in plenty of light, making the entire house feel bright and vibrant.

The bathroom, adorned with beautiful beads at the entrance, houses a shower with an intriguing design.

The vanity and toilet are strategically placed at opposite corners of the room, and a closet inside provides easy access to clothes after a bath.

The loft houses a spacious bedroom with just a mattress and a lampshade.

Vicki describes this space as a place where she can unwind, relax, and reflect, free from clutter.

A skylight allows her to gaze at the sky and stars at night, aiding in a good night’s sleep.

From here, she can also admire her entire home, a sight she finds stunning.

And that’s Vicki’s tiny home, aptly named “The Opposite of Chaos.”

What do you think of her unique dwelling?

Click the video below for a full tour of this idyllic home!

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