Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Pauley Perrette was, at one point, a household name because of her work at NCIS. Her departure from the show left a lot of fans upset. But now she is opening up about her life after the show, and it seems like she has had her fair share of struggles.

Keep reading to know more about her life and what her near-death experience taught her…

Pauley Perrette was best known for her role as Abby Sciutto on NCIS. But she left the show in 2018 and has been leading a fairly private life ever since. The actress had a bout of bad luck in 2021 when she suffered from a stroke.

But thankfully, now the 54-year-old is on the mend and healthy again; she is opening up about the scary incident that almost took her life two years ago.

She took to Instagram to post a doodle of herself and added a caption that said, “Today is my 2nd Re-Birthday!” She went on, writing, “2 years ago today, I had a massive stroke,” adding: “2 years ago today I survived. THANKS GOD!!!”


Her fans were just as enthusiastic about her posts, saying how happy they were that she was doing well now.

All her fans were grateful that she was still alive and well. One fan wrote, “I’m so thankful you are here, thank you Lord!!!!” while another one added, “I’m grateful too. The world needs more people like you,” Some quipped in with wishes, writing, “Happy ReBirthday! The world is such a better place with you in it!”

The first time the actress opened up about her stroke was a year one when she took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to talk about how a year ago she had experienced a scary stroke.

She wrote, “It’s 9/2. One year ago I had a massive stroke. Before that, I lost so many beloved family and friends, and daddy, and then Cousin Wayne.” She further added, “Yet still a survivor after this traumatic life I’ve been given so far… And still so grateful, still so full of faith, and STILL HERE!”

Pauley Perrette has always been open about negative experiences she has had. In the past, she has talked about being hospitalized in 2014 due to a hair dye allergy, how she was attacked by a homeless person, and she has also revealed she is a survivor of both rape and domestic violence.

She gave an interview last year where she gave an update on her health and also encouraged fans to be more proactive about their health. She said, “I am doing great and am super healthy now,” she went on, “I want to thank everyone for their concern and take this opportunity to plead for everyone to educate themselves on the signs of a stroke and the importance of getting medical help immediately.”


She stressed, “Also that you can have a stroke AT ANY AGE, which I did not know. Teenagers can have a stroke… Let’s all learn from this and take good care of ourselves and others.”

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We are so grateful that Pauley Perrette is doing well now. She is an amazing talent. We hope that she remains healthy and happy for years to come! Share this with other fans of the actress so they can know more about how she is doing now.