Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

From childhood, Dasha loved children; even as a young girl, she knew she would have a large family. Fate was kind to her and blessed her with twin girls. When Dasha shared this fantastic news with her boyfriend, the future father, he disappeared without a trace.

When he left the hospital after seeing the pregnant girl, he had no idea how life would repay him. The clashes started for Dasha prematurely, but thankfully, everything turned out fine. The young mother couldn’t stop admiring her daughters. She never imagined she could be so happy, even though their father abandoned them.

Fortunately, Dasha had a place to live with her children, thanks to her mother’s help. Her mother was already retired and could take care of the girls during the day. Dasha decided to return to work immediately to provide her children with everything they needed. Slowly, life began to improve.

Many years passed since the birth of the twin girls. Dasha worked diligently and earned the trust of her superiors. She was promoted to deputy manager of the company. It seemed like a new chapter had begun in her life until she met her ex-boyfriend again. He was pleasantly surprised to see her once more. Business-oriented, confident, in an expensive suit and high heels – she was no longer the timid girl he used to know. How surprised he was to learn that he would have an interview with Dasha and that her decision would determine whether he gets the job or not.

Dasha enjoyed every bit of the situation; she felt like a true winner. Fate had repaid the traitor in full. When they entered the office, Mykita (her ex-boyfriend) began begging for forgiveness and asking for a position in the company. Dasha just laughed at his behavior and then called security. The man didn’t pass the interview.

 Dasha recalled this situation with a smile on her face. Once, she thought it was unfair that fate gave her two children but took away her husband. But now she realized that she received a double gift. She got her children and got rid of a true failure.