Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

99% of his home is built out of recycled or secondhand materials.

It takes a lot of courage and guts to dive into an alternative lifestyle.

In a materialistic world, people don’t understand how others would like to live off the grid and live simply within their means.

Rob Greenfield is an environmentalist and eco-activist who wanted to show the people that we can live more by acquiring less.

His 10×10 foot tiny house in a backyard in Orlando, Florida, doesn’t have a lot in it.

Let’s take a tour of his tiny home with everything he needs and allow him to be one with nature. And the most rewarding part? It only cost him $1,500 to make this house.

You might wonder what made his house so cheap.

The answer is those three words: recycle, reclaim, and repurpose.

He got some wood and flooring from his neighbors and nearby establishments that wanted to dispose of them.

He saw that they were still in good condition, so he bought them for a low price.

His windows, door, and other furniture were from thrift stores, just like his chair, which only cost $15!

What fits inside

With a house this tiny, you might wonder what fits inside.

Rob has very few things, and this 10×10 home is perfect for his lifestyle.

Inside his home are two shelves with his clothes, toiletries, and hygiene stuff.

But most of the shelf space is filled with food. There are baskets of fresh fruits, jars of honey, and some ferments he made that have become his home staple.

He created an elevated bed so he has more storage space underneath.

Then, he uses a foldable foam so it can be both his bed and sofa.

Lastly, he has a deep chest freezer to store some food items he wants to last long.

He packs them in Ziplock bags, so he has supplies ready whenever he needs them.

One with nature

Rob’s only utility is electricity; the rest is all from nature. He uses an extension cord wired to his neighbor’s house and only gets to pay $10 per month.

He doesn’t have an air conditioner or heater, so he had to deal with the elements by himself.

His windows provide him cool breeze during the summer, and he survives the short winter.

He uses rainwater for washing, bathing, and drinking.

He also has a biodigester where he dumps food waste and converts it to methane gas that he uses for cooking. Of course, he still needs to use propane because he can only produce small amounts of methane.

And if you’re looking for a bathroom, he has a very eco-friendly one. He has two toilets for “Number 1” and “Number 2” – and they’re disposed of separately. Toilet number one flushes to his garden, while number two drops to a bucket.

He covers it with sawdust, places it in a compost called Humanure, and uses it as fertilizer after a year.

Rob at your service

Rob grows his food, and he found a way to do that on a bigger scale by looking for empty backyards where he can be of service to the owner.

He found someone in Orlando who always wanted to grow their food.

So, he offered to plant different vegetables and crops in their backyard and tend to them every day.

That way, he doesn’t only provide food for himself but for others, too.

Take a peek inside his tiny home that only cost $1500!

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