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Donny Osmond shares more than just “Puppy Love” with his wife Debra, whom he married 45 years ago. The beautiful couple shares five sons and 14 grandchildren, the newest member is Dune Tyler, who was born in June 2023.

No stranger to large families, Osmond, who has eight siblings of his own, the singer opened up about what it is like having a big family all over again!

When Donny Osmond was only 14, young girls swooned over his sweet vocals in “Puppy Love,” that in the 1970s made him an international sensation.

The teen idol–who loaned his harmonies to The Osmonds, an ensemble that included his five brothers–then appeared on screen with his little sister Marie Osmond in Donny & Marie (1976 to 1979), the latter who gained global recognition in 1973 with the hit song “Paper Roses.”


The two siblings were a powerhouse of vocals, entertaining generations with their weekly show which sometimes featured their siblings and several superstar guests including the likes of Tina Turner, Lucille Ball, and Paul Anka. The siblings launched several variations of their show in the future, including the award-winning talk show of the same name and an 11-year residency that ended in 2019 at the Flamingo Las Vegas.

It was in 1978 when the teen heartthrob married Debra Glenn 1978, both of them were members of Utah’s Church of Latter-Day Saints, like the rest of their families.

On May 4, 2023, the doting husband posted a photo of him and Debra, along with a tribute to his wife of 45 years.

“I asked this sweet little girl named Debbie Glenn to marry me 45 years ago today. It was the best decision of my life,” he writes.

Fans had lots to say, joking about their heartbreak. “I remember when you got married. A million young hearts were broken. Congratulations,” while another shared, “…And millions of women all over the world had their hopes & dreams crushed!”

The pair have five sons together, Don (born 1979), Jeremy (born 1981), Brandon (born 1985), Christopher (1990), and Joshua (1998), along with their partners and 14 grandchildren.

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This past December, Donny and his family celebrated Christmas on a seasonal-themed train in Utah. In one video posted on his Instagram, cyber fans see the enviable love shared between members of the large family, that’s sipping hot cocoa while rocking out to Feliz Navidad, his grown sons looking just like their star dad.

The Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat alum, who still tours and performs, recently welcomed his 14th grandchild, Dune Tyler Osmond, the son of Christopher and his wife Alta.

On June 29, the devoted dad and granddad shared the sweetest photo of him holding the newborn, whom he’s looking at lovingly. He captioned it, “Thank you, Chris and Alta, for bringing another beautiful grandson into Debbie’s and my life. Welcome to our family, Dune Tyler Osmond. You truly are an angel from heaven.”

Gushing over the heartwarming image, fans chimed in with comments like, “There was a day (100 years ago) I would have given my life for Donny to look at me like that,” while another said, “This is the most beautiful picture I have ever seen. Donny…you are a great man! I can feel the love right through the screen.” It’s clear his fans have a lot to say about his growing brood and are happy to see Donny Osmond as a doting grandfather.

Speaking with ET Canada, the “Go Away Little Girl” singer joked that he has more than just one soccer team of grandchildren.

“Oh, more than that. Several soccer teams,” Donny said. “It’s sweet chaos, is what it’s called. We had a 4th of July party just not long ago and had everybody over. It was… we had the time of our lives. It was fantastic.”

Congratulations to the Osmond family!

If you weren’t in love with Donny Osmond before, surely you are now! He’s such an incredible talent and seeing the love he shares with his family is so heartwarming!

What are your favorite memories of Donny? Would you like to see a Donny & Marie revival?