Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

If you’re like me, you probably end up stocking your fridge with more food than you could ever eat. It’s not like I plan it, but somehow I always end up eating out more often than I thought I would. The worst part is throwing away food that would have been perfectly good just a few days ago. But these days, I’m trying to eat better, cut down on waste—and save some money, too!

Overripe tomatoes are just one of the foods that sometimes go bad before we get to use them, but after reading this, you’ll think twice about doing it again.

Because instead of going to the store and buying new tomatoes, you can actually grow your own at home.

In just a matter of weeks, the YouTube channel “The Wannabe Homesteader” managed to grow tomatoes using nothing more than a pot, some soil, and some old tomatoes!

1. Start by slicing up some overripe tomatoes.

2. Put the tomato slices in a pot filled with soil and then cover the slices with a little more soil.

3. Water sporadically and wait 7-14 days. You should see tomato plants starting to sprout.

4. Pick out the biggest and most mature tomato plants and replant them in another pot.

Check out just how easy it is in this video:

I’ve never thought of growing tomato plants from overripe tomatoes, and I guess I’m not alone on this.

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