Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

One of the best things to do when you move into a new house is to buy furniture.

Buying a couch makes you happy and, eventually, comfortable because- let’s be honest- when you’re at home, you spend most of the time on the couch.

Actually, not necessarily alone.

When your friends stop by, all of you can spend hours together sitting on the couch and enjoying yourselves.

And, although this time together is great, it can also lead to some stains on the couch or the carpet- you often have finger food on the couch after all, don’t you?

Now, while having friends over or just eating dinner while watching a movie is amazing, the stains the couch and the carpet can end up with are quite irritating.

And many of us have no idea how to get rid of them, although we’ve tried a few hacks so far, like vinegar and dishwashing spray.

Well, a YouTube channel is here to help all of us.

A few months ago, a video was uploaded showing how we can remove the dirt from the fabric using only a couple of things that we all basically have on hand.

All we need is half a liter of warm water, a tablespoon of baking soda, and a tablespoon of dish soap.

Well, we all have these things at home, right?

But the key here is a pot lid, which is supposed to make a difference and help us have more control over what’s being cleaned.

So, let’s see how we are supposed to clean our couch using the above stuff.

First, take a bowl and mix the baking soda and dish soap in the warm water.

Then, take a microfiber towel and let it soak in there for a few moments, and then take it out and wring it out.

Make sure it’s not wet when you get to use it, just damp.

Now, here’s how the pot lid will help.

Take the lid and put it on the towel, then wrap it so that the towel covers the lid and the whole thing becomes a tool.

Roll up your sleeves and get to work.

Use the lid with the towel around to clean the couch; just make sure to scrub hard where there’s a lot of dirt.

When the couch is ready, get the towel wet again, and move on to the carpet.

That’s how easy this hack looks!

The video has been watched by two million users, and there are many of them who have tried it, although there are others who give some extra advice.

Using a vacuum first and then rubbing the couch is one of the extra pieces of advice, which actually sounds right.

At the same time, a few of the viewers shared that they have already tried it and it actually worked.

“I couldn’t believe how well it worked and easy! ” someone commented.

Head over to the video below to check this hack and see if it works for you!

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