Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

A fact everyone knows about life is how fleeting it is. You never know when it will be the last time you meet someone, which is why making every moment count is very important.

Missy Robertson is currently grieving a loss and reminded us of just how fickle life can be…

Missy Robertson is known and well-loved as a television personality who appears on the show ‘Duck Dynasty’. Apart from being a television personality, she is also a mother in her personal life.

Her daughter Mia Robertson was born to her 19 years ago. When Missy was born, she faced some adversities most people don’t. She was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate.

This is a rare condition where a baby’s facial features do not fully develop during pregnancy. As a result, over the course of her 19 years of life, Mia Robertson has undergone several surgeries.

Her mother credits her transformation and well-being to Mia’s longtime surgeon, Dr. David Genecov. The doctor has performed several procedures on Mia since she was a little girl.

Dr. Genecov passed away in a car accident suddenly in November 2022, and it shocked the Robertson family.

Missy Robertson took to Instagram to express her sorrow at his sudden passing. She wrote, “Our family is saddened beyond words,” Missy wrote on Instagram. “… Dr. David changed Mia’s life in ways no other surgeon could possibly have done

The 59-year-old doctor was a well-known and respected pediatric craniofacial procedures. She outlined his life and praised him for how dedicated he was to his job and her daughter Mia.

Missy wrote “His caring nature helped calm her (and me), but his steadfast encouragement to both of us that we can do the hard things helped make both me and Mia stronger than we could have thought possible. He laughed at himself and told stories of being shorter than his patients.” She continued, “He looked Mia in the eyes at each visit and involved her in the decisions and plans he had for her health.”

She praised the doctor for his relationship with his parents. She wrote, Dr. David treated her and Mia, as well as all his other patients and their families like true friends. She credited her daughter’s success to him. Mia is a college student now, attending Lipscomb University on an academic scholarship.

The Dallas, Texas-based specialist was also the director of the International Craniofacial Institute. He had treated more than 17,000 people hailing from 30 different countries.

“He was more than we could ask for or imagine for her cleft journey,” Missy wrote on Instagram. “We will miss him greatly, but we are so very grateful for the work he did for Mia and all his cleft patients and the legacy of medical innovations he leaves for generations to come!”

Missy Robertson said she believed several families would be mourning the late doctor.

“Telling Mia wasn’t easy, and she is grieving the loss tonight,” she admitted. “She can’t remember her life before Dr. David. Please pray for his family and all of those who are grieving his loss.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Robertson family as they grieve this loss. We pray that Dr. David rests in peace.

Please join us in sending your condolences to the bereaved family.