Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Speaking of relationships between celebrities, the first thing that
comes to our mind is, well, that they don’t last long. Every marriage
anniversary is a special occasion, but when it comes to Hollywood,
these celebrations are even more special because they are rare.

When they first met on the set of Family Ties, Michael J.Fox and
Tracy Pollan didn’t probably assume that their off-screen
relationship would outlast that of 19-year-old teen Alex and the
brainy dancer Ellen Reed, the characters they played on the show.
Michael J. Fox was in his late twenties when he was diagnosed with
the Parkinson’s disease. It was short after he and Tracy got married
and had their first child.

Tracy never left her husband’s side and is his biggest support. The
two are doing their best to cope with Michael’s condition and are
working hard on raising funds for finding cure for Parkinson’s
The couple’s four children, Esme, 20, Aquinnah and Schuyler,
identical twins, 27 years old, and Sam, 33, all lead a much quieter
lives than those of their parents. In fact, only Sam owns an account
accessible to everyone on Instagram where he often shares photos
of his dad and his family and he’s the spitting image of Michael.
All of Michael’s kids are very supportive and never miss a chance to
accompany their father on meaningful events related to raising
awareness about Parkinson’s disease.

What we love about this family is that they use every occasion to
remind one another how much they love each other.
Recently, Michael shared a photo of his twins and wrote, “Twice the
love, a hundred times the laughs. Happy birthday to my gorgeous
girls today. I love you so much.”

Michael’s kids shared some heart-breaking news recently. In
September, 2022, Michael’s mother, Phyllis Piper, passed away. She
was 92.

During a panel which celebrated the iconic movie Back to the
Future, Michael joked that his mother believed he shouldn’t have
filmed that movie because at the time he did Family Ties during the
day and she though he would be too tired to be filming another
movie during the night.

“To this day – well, till two weeks ago – my mother thought it was a
really bad idea for me to do Back to the Future. She loved the
movie, [but she was right], I got tired,” Michael said.
We wish this beautiful family only the best life brings.